Homemade three -seven masks, whitening and freckle.

I have heard of Sanqi Fan’s skin care effect a long time ago. At the beginning, small sugar did not believe it, because Sanqi powder usually took it and drank it. It can only be said that the little sugar at that time was really soil.

Speaking of the benefits of skin care for these Sanqi powder, little sugar wants to focus on explaining the two major beauty effects of women’s skin.

Dispel freckle


In addition to the formation of external skin problems, the formation of our facial spots also includes internal factors such as unpopular blood in the body, and the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis of Sanqi powder can alleviate the symptoms of the face spots.


Restore the face glory

The effects of blood supplementation, anti -aging, and whitening of Sanqi powder can restore women’s skin.

Seeing this, whether everyone understands why it is pretty good to make Sanqi Fanjun into a mask for skin care.


So how to make a Sanqi mask?

The production method and use step of Sanqi mask

The simplest one is to take the appropriate amount of powder, mix it with a certain amount of warm water, apply it directly on the clean face, stay for 10 to 15 minutes, and wash it with water.

The advanced version is to take an appropriate amount of Sanqi powder and an appropriate amount of honey to make a paste. It is also directly applied to the face, staying for about 10 ~ 20 minutes, and washed water.

Because honey has a strong bactericidal effect, while cleaning the skin, it can treat some trauma of the skin while reconciled with Sanqi powder, which plays a good whitening and protecting the skin.

As for the sublimation version of the Sanqi mask, the program will be slightly more complicated than the first two, but the beauty effect will be better.

The specific program is:

Prepare the appropriate amount of Sanqi powder, honey, olive oil, and water, put Sanqi powder into the mask bowl, and slowly add water.


Then add an appropriate amount of honey and olive oil, stir well, and apply the modulated mask evenly to the face, and wash it after half an hour.

Although there are no side effects of the Sanqi mask, it is three -point poisonous medicine. Generally, it is the best frequency of using the Sanqi mask two to three times a week.

Can you see the last you?

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