Major General of the Murder Devil revealed a lot of unknown information to a letter to his son

Zuo Gu Longyou was born in 1891. After the university law, he became a leader of the Mudanjiang Brigade and the Major General of the Army after the Northeast Incident. At the age of 64 when the Funtellata Aids Management Office was renovated by the people’s government in 1955. In a letter from this murderer to his son, several of them were taken to readers to readers.

To my dear second son declare:

Dad received a letter that you transferred to me by the Chinese Red Cross on December 19 last year. I learned that my family was well -being. I am very happy. In retrospect, when you broke up in Jilin at the end of August 1945, you were only 10 years old, and today you are 20 years old. Dad wants to write a few things hanging on your heart as a gift on your way forward.

The first five years of Dad were spent in the Soviet Union. After nine deaths, it was transferred to New China in July 1950. It has been 5 years now. The management office of Dad is Fushun prison in the old pseudo -Manchu era. However, it is completely different from that of our rule as hell. The interior is cleaned, the organizational well is organized, the food is sufficient, and the meat and fish are rich. None of the more than 1,000 war criminals were beaten. We sincerely thank the Chinese people for actively liquidating the crimes committed in the past.


When you hear Mr. Li Dequan (the wife of General Feng Yuxiang, the Minister of Health of the New China, the Minister of Health, and the editor), it must be surprised when he announced that his father was a war criminal? But I think it is very natural. In order to dispel your doubts, I want to tell you the crimes committed by Dad here.

Since the spring of 1941, the Eighth Route Army’s recovery of the lost land first pointed to the Rehe area, and the railway was also seriously threatened. Therefore, the father responsible for the mission of the railway guards focused on the right north exit and Chengde along the railway. In the railway areas such as Shangtan City and Xiabancheng, the railway police team cooperated with the Japanese military constitution to arrest hundreds of patriotic people and their supporters. During the trial There are many people who have been tortured by the extremely inhumane torture, and there are many people who have been persecuted to death. Now I think of it, this is a downright devil’s behavior, and Dad is the leader of the devil.

The so -called imperial army who invaded China, murdered, raped, burned houses, plundered property, did not say, but turned it clearly.

Try the knife with living people, eat human flesh, dig the lives and hearts of living people, and show the public,

Wait, do your best. According to the senior war criminals at the management office,

The victims reached 12 million,

It sounds creepy and shuddering. This is the original face of the Japanese imperial army.

Dad is the minions of the Japanese imperialist Kanto Army. Regarding the sinful sin of the Chinese people’s blood, China’s management is too wide today.

What makes these people “Japanese devils”? It is Japanese militarism. And let’s take a look at the 80 years since the Meiji of Japan, it is a history of aggression.

Japanese citizens are educated by slavery and firmly believe that the royal family is the family of the Japanese nation. The Japanese country is the ancestors of the emperor of Japan. Therefore, as long as the “forgive order”, the Japanese nationals will abandon their families and quickly pick up their weapons to participate in the war, like a bees of beeping, like a bees of bees Like robbers, evil spirits, fierce and brutal, the atrocities of burning, killing, obscene, and plundering are all regarded as loyal monarchs, patriotism, and doing their best.

However, this defeat, the essence of the emperor was completely exposed. Today’s emperor is no longer a god, not the parents of the Japanese nation.

The above is the summary of Dad’s active learning. Given that he had committed a crime that he had committed in the past, he was determined to change his mind to change his sins.

You are now a student and are studying hard to be promoted to college. Dad hopes that you will be a national fighter who will be a nation in the future, fight against militarism and imperialism, oppose the war of aggression, and strive for eternal peace.

Let our father and son be a soldier together, work hard! The only person who can tell your sincere mood is only you. Words are not deliberate, I hope a lot of understanding!


Zhu An!

November 25, 1955

Yu Fushun War Management Office

The Japanese war criminals were crying when they returned home, pay attention to the eyes of the devil behind


Editor: It is not difficult to see through this letter that this old devil’s sin is lightly described, and some of the data disclosed are seriously inconsistent with the facts. Perhaps it was based on his understanding and cognition at that time. But the old devil’s sincere regret was on the paper, after all, it was revealed to the true feelings of his son.

I hope that the Chinese nation in the future will be more wolf, less mother -in -law, no matter how strong their strength is, the strength of people still cannot underestimate





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