Min Guang was alone into a trendy couple dress, and classic sportswear turned into Lolita, “This! Is the trend “irregularity of the trend

This time, the “goods” brought by Li Jiaqi are more like a trend.


Wang Li Jiaqi also came to the resident variety show. He and singer Huang Minghao in “This! In the “Trend”, the “National Tide Z Plan” was released -Shanghai Minuang was single, plum sports tops, military shoulder bags, blue sleeve cases, capable cat re -engraved Shanghai card handbags, Su embroidered watches, old Shanghai TV hoods, double stars, double stars, double stars Table tennis shoes … Can the classic items in the memory of these elders occupy a trend in 2021?

Let’s take a look at the answer in the show first.

Is the couple pretend?

And their predecessor is Shanghai Minuang quilt, an old brand that started in 1935.


In the transformation of domestic products, the boys used a single pants, hand -painted printing, and fused into their own rap characteristic Chicano fonts. They even borrowed the exposed tights in the girl’s suitcase as sunscreen ice sleeves.


The girl’s creativity was even more amazing. She made her sheet as a shirt and sewed shoulder flowers on her shoulders. A national style suit was graceful and fashionable. This “dragon wall eaves” shoulder flowers are a bit particular, just to echo the architectural aesthetics of Yuyuan, and the meaning is quite deep.


The final film, who watched the “big blockbuster”.


Looking at this set of transformations, before Lolita style, the single product is plum sportswear. In 1984, Xu Haifeng was wearing the same paragraph. At the Los Angeles Olympics, the Chinese Olympic delegation achieved a gold medal zero breakthrough.

These two cases alone have made people clear: Although some domestic products have gradually withdrawn from the historical stage, the trend concept of generations may be unwavering.

Recently, Youku’s first Z generation trend wearing a bidding reality show “This!” It is the two periods of the broadcast. The old objects in the memory pass through the space -time tunnel, blend with the current popular style, and the new and old collision will make the classics of domestic products rejuvenating. | |

What “new tricks” can “old objects” play? “This! In the Trend, we may be able to see some answers.

Li Jianbo, who claims to be “non -professional stacking through heaven”, disassembles the difficulty of transforming the difficulty of disassembling the difficulty of the double -star table tennis shoes, stitches into a popular square bag at the moment, and echoes the ping -pong elements on the shoe with the leopard pattern on the shirt. The concept of “China Ping Pong No.1, China Trend NO.1” is the concept of the style.


The ancient and strange Jiang Yan took into account the era of military shoulder bags. In terms of makeup surfaces and hairstyles, the image of Shanghai beach women in the 1980s perfectly interpreted the concept of matching the same age. And she used the iconic pentagonal star on the shoulder bag to retain the elements of Chinese style, but also added a touch of playfulness, which can be called the finishing touch of the whole set of shapes.

Zhou Zuer, a “post -00 ghost and horse girl”, combines Su Xiu’s watch with abstractism, with fashion as a carrier -like concept of time, and uses hand -drawn patterns to focus on the key points to magnify the characteristics of Su Embroidery to show cultural self -confidence.

“26 -year -old old soul” Helian transformed into a “urban life recorder”, transformed the red old Shanghai TV cover into a camera bag, and showed the changes in the city of Shanghai and the world through a large story. Fireworks.

Whether it is the conversation of concept or the inheritance of culture, “This! The young tide of the trend “adhering to the show’s purpose of seeking more people to see the Chinese trend culture, showing the continuation of historical trends with practical actions, letting” old objects “transform into” new trends “, and fully demonstrated Z Z Cultural self -confidence of generations.


“This! It is currently two episodes of the program. From the “one -click replacement” of the first phase to the second phase of the “national tide”, which shows the imagination, creativity, hands -on ability, wearing ability, ability, and wearing ability, On -the -spot response and other business capabilities have also made the players’ trend, attitudes, and aesthetics of the extreme release, showing the diverse understanding of generations of generations of trendy culture.

With a long hair, Zhao Yiyu, who is immortal, believes that “I am wearing clothes instead of clothes in me”; Li Yuxin, who is seeking truth from facts, chase the trend and advocates “richness from people, wearing casual heart”; positive energy with positive energy; His mentality rushed towards the trend, shouting to the albino group, “You must be fearless, persist in yourself, go on”; although the big -name show, Jin Jiwei, the trendy circle, although the regret is eliminated, it still firmly has standards for standards. Young people voiced; Wu Xin, who respects the result but also bravely revealed, said, “Just do it yourself, don’t please anyone.”


Of course, behind the attitude output, there is also a confrontation of the trend. In the second episode, in the face of the “Trend Jury” evaluation of Helian, “Trending Push Officer” suddenly gave different opinions: “Is it necessary to exaggerate the trend, must it be extremely attitude?”

As the program’s slogan says, there is a thousand trends in the eyes of a thousand people. The phenomenon of “thousands of people and thousands of tide” is carried behind the diversified “trend concept”, which is also intended to express that “the trend is no longer the same, but it is defined by you and me.”

Author: Wang Yan

Edit: Guo Chaohao

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