Domestic carbon board running shoes sales rankings are very cost -effective for runners for reference

It’s the annual 618 shopping carnival, and the chopper party has long been rubbing and eager to try. Many of them will also buy their favorite running equipment under the attractive promotional strength, and running shoes naturally pay attention to the first choice of attention. The following editor plus a fire to provide everyone in the sales list of domestic carbon board running shoes, and at the same time, their latest event prices are available for reference for runners.

This domestic carbon board running shoe ranking is derived from the latest monthly sales data ranking of the Tmall Network brand flagship store. Although it cannot represent the sales of the entire network and the preferences of all runners, I believe it can also reflect the popularity of running shoes popularity. And these running shoes have obvious characteristics in using word of mouth, cost -effectiveness, and activity.

It should be noted that the carbon board running shoes are still not suitable for all runners and require a certain amount of control, but it is still the category with the strongest willingness to buy. Among them, there is a full -palm carbon plate that supports and advances, and there are small carbon plates that are anti -reversing in the middle of the shoes. Therefore Known as a carbon board running shoes.

In addition, because the 618 activity is promoting, the inventory changes greatly, and some running shoes cannot be fully satisfied in color and size. Perhaps this will disappoint everyone. Not much to say, then see if the sales data ranking of this carbon board running shoe is in line with the ranking of your mind:


Jordan Feiying PB

Monthly sales 6319 double


Activity arrival price 549 yuan


Professional marathon running shoes


Feiying PB has been released last year, and the price of listing is very attractive. Because of the configuration and low -cost advantages of top racing running shoes, it is still far ahead in sales. The proportion of Dao is also performing well, and even attracts many foreign runners Amway. Feiying PB midsole is equipped with a full -handed carbon plate, plus the 巭 PRO rebound technology, which can give the product a stronger shock absorption, rebate, and more energy feedback.


Duwei Zhengtu

Monthly sales 2462 double

Activity to the hand price 207 yuan

Long -distance jogging


The journey is currently the best -selling running shoe in Dowei. It is a training department running shoes. The listing price is only 299 yuan. For more than two years, it has been running on the top three. “Wear resistance” is the core selling point, claiming to fight for wear of 1500-2000 kilometers, which can be said to be extremely cost-effective. In the arch of the arch, a small carbon plate is added to enhance the arch of the arch.


361 Fei Ran


Monthly sales 1978 Double


Activity arrival price 559 yuan

Although 361 ° Fei Ran’s listing time is not long, the market has won the market instantly through the promotion activity at the beginning of the market. The first price is 799 yuan to 559 yuan, and the first release will be 5 color matching. With more choices, it adopts the design idea of ​​the sandwich structure. The two layers of midsole foam are embedded with full palm shovel carbon plates. Fei Ran is also a pair of champion running shoes. Li Zicheng wore it to get many firsts, which undoubtedly increased its popularity.


Hongxing Erkch bombs live

Monthly sales 1870 double


Activity arrival price 309 yuan


Daily jogging

Qi Ban Lite was launched in March, which is lighter than the previous generation, and is more suitable for racing. The midsole uses the midsole and uses α-Flex intelligent fluid materials. It is called “artificial muscle” black technology. , But did not run through the forefoot, but maintained the entire supporting role of the midsole. In addition, there was no problem with the breathability and comfort of the bomb LITE. In addition People daily wear.


Hongxing Erkch bombs PRO

Monthly sales 737 double,


The price is 319 yuan,


Leisure step


The Erkch Ban PRO was launched in 2020. It is equipped with the newly upgraded Microde technology. The midsole is composed of the newly upgraded α-Flex intelligent fluid material, which savings and release energy to the greatest extent. The central bridge stabilization system constructed by large -scale fine carbon boards provides more accurate lightweight and high -intensity support and resistance. The exercise strength can meet the intensity of about 10 kilometers.


Tibu 160x 2.0

Monthly sales 660 double

Price 999 yuan

This year, a master wearing a Tubu 160X 2.0 created good results and made it full of scenery. It can be said that Tubu can be described as a different approach in terms of marketing. Not only did professional players endorses, but also invited Yue Yunpeng to stand for his platform, which increased his heat. This is the only pair of running shoes without discounts. Even if you want to buy the right size and color, it becomes not easy. If you add the sales of offline and micro -business, I believe its ranking will rise.


Monthly sales 341 double

Price 314 yuan

Slow -run jogging

Anti -gravity is a cushional running shoes launched by Dowei for Volkswagen runners and entry runners. Its protection function is powerful and can fully use anti -gravity technology and effective sole buffer when running to achieve the protection runner. The embedded X -shaped carbon plate device can reduce the torque caused by the incorrect landing of footsteps, greatly improve the stability during running, and reduce the chance of injury. At present, its promotional price is also very attractive to runners.



Dowei Walker

Monthly sales 220 double

Price 823.9 yuan

The first two pairs of running shoes on the list, although built -in carbon boards, are still not attractive for elite players. They still look forward to the launch of a pair of full palm carbon board running shoes. Therefore, Duowei started their “God -made Plan” at the end of last year. After several iteration improvements, the gods of the gods were finally launched. The full -handed carbon plate has a good comprehensive performance. It is sold out as soon as it is open. Although the discount is not strong, it is often in a state of break.


The sales of the above 8 double domestic running shoes are the result of the voting of the majority of runners, and they are all within 1,000 yuan. In addition to the cost -effectiveness, their scientific and technological content is also commendable, and the runners also buy according to their needs. This is the editor just made a comments and finishing of a family. Welcome everyone to correct and communicate.


Professional marathon running shoes

Professional marathon running shoes

Professional marathon running shoes

Tibu 160x 2.0

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