Reservoir fishing grass fish secret recipe (already practical) taken away

Recently used the secret recipe fishing several times, harvesting rich!Come contribute to share with you:


Dry meter 2 pounds, old corn 1 catties together for one day, then add water to cook!Corn grains are cracking to best!Then prepare a corn sode 1 pound, chicken feed 0.5 pounds, rapeseed cake 1 catties, 1 piece of grass fish fragrance, a bag, pour, stir into the cooked corn wheat, stir well, put it in the sun and put it in the sun For half a day, then put it in a cool place to ferment it three days!After entering the fishing point, add the right amount of dry soil and chrus-breaking leeks to make a fist. So the big group, you can play two regiments!I don’t want to catch half an hour after playing, because the grass fish is alert, see if there is a bubble, hook it with fresh corn grains, and the corn granules will be free to slide freely!Good effect, look at my recent gains!All the big grass around ten pounds, the green cavity also loves!


Explosive, remember to tell me!Remember to transfer your friends!Finally, I wish you all a full catch!

Author: ArticleManager