You can buy a good car more than 40,000! Household -seeking is also preserved, the fuel consumption is 5.2L, take you to see modern Rena

Among the many household sedan joint ventures, Hyundai Yuena can be said to be one of the most cost -effective models.


In the domestic car market, the popularity of sedan cars is much higher than the hatchback. The hot -selling cars on the market are generally sedan. They are all domestic cars, such as Emperor Hao, Yidong, and Erizer 5 have high cost performance, which is favored by the salaries and consumer groups. Today, this joint venture sedan we want to say is more special. High, and it is a modern Rena.


You may not believe it, Rinner’s cost -effectiveness is even higher than domestic cars at the same level. In today’s fiercely competitive market, Rena can only attract users’ attention in this way, but the effect received did not imagine It is so ideal that the market performance is relatively bleak, but from the perspective of home use, Rena is definitely a good car, fuel -saving and resistant to the characteristics of the fulfillment, and the price is very affordable. At present, terminal discounts At about 3,000 yuan, the entry naked car fell to 46,900. Such a price was enough for a joint venture sedan.


From the perspective of the appearance, Ryner’s design is not amazing, but it is very durable. At least meet the aesthetic needs of the Chinese people, the shape of the front face is very grounded. For exquisite, the shape of the lamp group is very routine, and the shape is slightly sharp; the body lines are smooth and properly coordinated. The sharp waistline spans the entire side and stretches the horizontal visual effect. Tail lights, the sense of age is more prominent. To be honest, this appearance design is somewhat outdated, and it is not very popular with young users.

As a small car, Rinner’s space performance can be said to be very compact. The length of the car is 4 meters and the wheelbase is 2 meters 57. The performance is very entry. Adults with a height of 175cm sit in the back row. There are 3 fingers in the head space. , Basically there is no room for legs. Three people in the back row will feel very compact. Such a space can only meet the basic home needs. In terms of ride comfort and sound insulation, the performance is very poor. Essence

The interior design is also very old -fashioned, it feels like returning to the last century, and it also shows a strong cheap atmosphere. The panels are all wrapped in hard plastic materials. It is very rough, and there is no sense of technological configuration. This interior does not have any highlights, and in terms of configuration, only some very basic configurations are equipped with low -profile models. The leather seats, automatic air conditioning, etc. are configured.


Rena’s power is also very entryned. It can only be said that the basic mobility needs are met. It is equipped with a 1.4L self -suction engine with a transmission force. Only 95 horsepower, peak torque is 132.4

N · m, and such power saves fuel consumption in terms of fuel consumption, as low as 5.2L in 100 kilometers. In general, there are many shortcomings of Rena. Although there are many slots, then again, Rinner’s performance meets the needs of basic families with schedule. Very good, the advantages of price and cost -effectiveness are still obvious. For those who pay attention to cost -effectiveness, you can consider this car.

Author: ArticleManager