Consumers change too fast? And see how the brand is a demon!

If you want to trigger the underlying needs of the user at a specific time and space, start with “nothing to find” and challenge the existing marketing routine.

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The meat clamps and phoenix claws, these already existence items have been picked out, and posted new brand labels, and there are young masters and halogen of the circle of friends; subways and airplanes are no longer simple transportation tools. Began to become the stage of brand show -Kockei sold clothes on the subway, Netease Cloud Music took the plane to “heaven”; even the cafe no longer sold coffee, and began to sell experience and life attitude.

It is not that the brand does not understand, but just blame the world to change too quickly.

Who is the real happy hero under various cool marketing games?


“Improved” Search Logic

Consumers are new and hate for any industry and brand.

For enterprises, the key question is how to match the core demands of the entire consumer side with the times.

Chunli eating company, at first glance, the name is both vulgar and cool. The decoration in the store is not as delicate as other restaurants. Cement flooring, only white paint walls, red folding tables and chairs, frightened graffiti, colorful lanterns; the dishes in the store are always stabbed – A bowl of instant noodles is 38 yuan, and the fish fragrant meat is only meat. Everything here looks so “improper”, and even has a feeling of stalls and roadside stalls.

But it is such a small “cool” restaurant not only alarmed Chanel, Nike and other big names to shoot large blockbusters in the store. Most of the net red circles and fashion circles came to check in. For example, Guangzhou’s Dali Food Company, Chengdu’s auspicious hotpot company, Zhengzhou Shufen String Company …

Chunli Eat Company is a restaurant with a photo attributes greater than the attributes of eating.

Eating+taking pictures has become an indispensable link for young people to dine. Chunli Eat Company enlarged the matter of taking pictures and enlarged it. stand out.

There is a 24 -hour restaurant called inconvenient noodle restaurant in Guangzhou. It takes “boiled instant noodles” as a selling point, and a bowl of noodles sell 28 yuan. It advocates inconvenient ways to do instant noodles to provide people with convenient and inconsistent lifestyles.

Here, you can eat both the top ten instant noodles in Asia, and you can also drink some uncommon imported brand drinks and limited edition packaging drinks. Fresh ones not only eat and drink, but also play. The store has HIP-HOP, and a magazine with a whole wall for everyone to recreate. With the fragrance of instant noodles, it is full of new experiences with cultural connotation.

If you are hungry, you may be disappointed, because the noodles are small and you can’t eat. However, with the unique catering categories, the inconsistent noodle restaurant quickly became a “punch card” place for many netizens.

What is the logic of Chunli Eat Company and inconvenient noodle restaurant? Breaking the operating thinking of traditional restaurants, and another way, the restaurant is not just a place to eat. Scenes, social, personality, personality, interest … can all give the restaurant “catering+” value.

Each restaurant has its own tone. For consumers, it may be more important than anything.


Play a heart -hearted experience card

Under the wave of consumption upgrade,

The consumer demand of users has become more individual and diverse, upgrading from functional needs to experiential emotional needs.

The competition in the offline hotel industry no longer stays on the “hard” standards such as environmental, convenient location, and facilities, which brings more rich and unique experience to customers.

This year’s April Fool’s Day, Yaduo and Netease Cloud Music jointly created the “Netease Cloud Music Yaduo Light Residence” hotel officially opened in Chengdu and named it “Sleeping Music” theme hotel. This hotel has injected the theme elements of many Netease Cloud Music, such as the theme room created by classical, jazz, electronic music and folk music. Taking classical rooms as an example, visually, dark red velvet curtains, crystal tall glass, and dovetails make people seem to be in the 18th century. In auditory, there are corresponding music songs in the room, and users can sleep with the Mozart piano song. In addition, there are wonderful music reviews on the walls of the hotel’s public areas, giving people a hit.

In fact, this is not the first time Yaduo has “engaged in things” on IP. Previously, he had cooperated with Wu Xiaobo Channel, Netease strict selection, Zhihu and other well -known IPs. As a new representative of the hotel industry, Yaduo hopes to consolidate a personalized brand image and take the lead in the industry. Driving users to choose Yaduo Hotel is not only product experience, but more importantly, the recognition of brand culture and life philosophy.

When the brand of the brand and the user is tightly bundled, the brand has a long -lasting and stable vitality.

Mercedes -Benz also opened a city experience store at the Shanghai Bund Finance Center. This is the seventh city experience store opened globally after Burger, Munich, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Beijing.

Different from other 4S shops, Mercedes Mercedes ME City Experience Store is one of them. In addition to new car display and retail services, it also operates Sichuan cuisine and western food. At the same time, consumers can also buy a large wave of Mercedes -Benz surrounding products. In other words, you can feel the “Mercedes” lifestyle here.

With the rise of the new generation of consumer groups, the demand of the brand has extended from basic functions to value taste to diversified content, and gradually transformed from the functional selling point of advertising to emotional needs.


“Internet celebrity” more than one road

Faced with more and more personalized consumer needs,

Choosing the most suitable time, place and method to make consumers know and accept the product fastest, may become the best channel marketing method.

Durex’s copywriting has always been the classic of the industry, but in fact Durex does not only write well in copywriting, and offline marketing is also full of topics.

In Dongcheng District, Beijing, Durex’s first baked intestine shop Bigger Bang, in the food market, Wood, Totor opened the door to open the door. You can eat two things here: grilled intestines and bananas. These grilled sausage and banana dipping sauce are Durex’s various strawberry flavors, cherry flavors and aloe flavors. Consumers at the scene can get an exclusive T -shirt as long as they eat bananas or grilled intestines dipped in lubricating fluid. Such activities, with their topicality, also brought excellent communication effects.

Wood eats the Towa set, and has a tide, trendy, fashion and other labels, so Wood’s consumers who eat Tocker also accept and like to try new things. As a result, the market that the young tide gathered has become the best carrier carrying Durex’s similar offline activities. Through such channels and dissemination, consumers have also realized the characteristics of Durex Lubrication, non -toxic and harmless.

Recently, the answer tea has been spreading logic. The special feature of this cup of milk tea is that you write your question on the waist of milk tea, and you can get the answer when you open the lid. Answer tea has changed from drinks to predicting divination to everyone to know, but they are all “given by Douyin.”

Why is Douyin? Answer Tea uses data analysis+3D printing technology, and a relatively suitable answer to customer questions. The sense of surprise and expectations brought by this method inspire people’s curiosity to the limit. And this is unsuccessful to pursue novelty users -pursuing novelty. Without Douyin, the answer tea is still just a milk tea brand that can play, and it is not necessarily so hot.

The way to continuously find the most direct touch of brand consumer group has become a compulsory course for brands.


Culture is also a technical job

It is not a routine that really touches consumers, but the emotion above the routine.

The emotional consumption driven by cultural feelings is also a new way for product marketing.

The reason why McDonald’s Sichuan flavor dipping sauce is booming, Rick & Morty (Rick and Moti) brain -having animation dramas are indispensable. This animated drama has gathered a batch of sticky fan bases as early as possible.

On April 1, 2017, the protagonist of the animated drama Rick’s line: “I will go out to find more Mulan’s Sichuan barbecue dipping sauce, Modi.” This line “planting grass” has tens of millions of drama fans, 45,000 people petitioned McDonald’s to make Sichuan barbecue dipping sauce.


This Chuanwei dipping sauce was launched by McDonald’s and Disney in 1998. To this day, the driving of animation dramas has become a nostalgic product. McDonald’s also set off a wave of animation dramas to create interactive topics on Twitter, saying that Sichuan flavor dipping sauce may be launched in a limited quantity. After that, this Macle chicken dipped sauce was sold on eBay, which was sold for $ 56,700, and some people were willing to take out the 2004 Volkswagen GTI cars to change the sauce. The heat fermentation makes this Sichuan flavor dipping sauce being snatched even when it enters China, becoming a screen -level phenomenon of the circle of friends.


The fan effect plus nostalgia, coupled with special cultural background creation, the online celebrity items that have been all over the world were born.

Think about what color is the hottest recently? Of course “forgive green”!

From a color to a network culture, even a series of products are derived. Green culture has actually become a new market for marketing. The word “forgiveness” began to originate from the Internet: Of course, forgive her. Indicates the sorrow and helplessness of betrayal in the relationship. In such a sentence, the screenwood culture has achieved the screen effect on major video websites. Then the forgive emoji package with a green hat quickly occupied social software such as WeChat Weibo.

Taobao merchants did not let go of this hot spot opportunity, and launched the “Forgive Package”. The package contains a variety of green packaging snacks and beverages, but the snack package wearing a hot coat has attracted a lot. In addition, game manufacturers have launched a magical forgive hat combat game; LeTV also launched forgive tea flavor potato chips.

The popularity of “forgive green” and a series of products that have been extended later are all hot emotions to meet consumers’ desire to express their desire to express their desire to express their desire for consumers.

Nostalgic, funeral culture, Buddhist department … This series of vocabulary brings the value orientation and transmission of cognitive level, and the product is packaged in the gift box of culture and becomes a collective output to a specific cognitive collective, so as to be even more being quilt The way to accept consumers is immersed in it, and they do not know that this is a routine above the marketing routine.

There are not too many real things in the world.


Constantly update our old feeling of things, maximize the word “novel” in a creative way.

A new interest that allows users to have new familiar things is the brand’s “monster” magic weapon.


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