This jeans is very powerful.

This year, the 25th anniversary of EVISU was founded, and this opportunity came to introduce Evisu.

Evisu, also known as Evisugenes, the name of the name is sourced from the God of Wealth (“Fu Shen”) in Japanese folk culture (Japanese: えび). The popular street denim brand created by the designer Shanken Yingyan, established EVIS in 1991 (because of the too similar to Levi’s, “later changed to today’s EVISU).

▲ Shanken Yingyan

In the early days of the brand, it is in Vintage Jeans. So Evisu became the representative of “After the 501”, the original classical jeans elements and fashionable street styles made it rapidly famous and became the top jeans brand in Japan.

▲ The nasal ancestors of jeans, Levi’s501 series

In 1991, the Japanese named Shangen Yingkan bought a loom of Levi’s Danning cloth, using this weaving machine to do some tannin cloth, hand-made jeans, design and production of antique old models Jeans production technology.

▲ Handmade machine diagram

The Evisu denim is manufactured by an old and narrow shuttle loom, and intersecting the cross-stitch before and after the weaving process, forming a smoothed edge. When the modern projecting loom is weaving, the cotton line is inserted with each other, and the cloth is naturally worn, which makes the formation of the product. There are many brands that have a more scientific and reduced, sewing the cloth edges, as a burst of jeans for sale. Evisu’s white jeans is usually white and red, and is the most illustrative example of Evisu craftsmanship.


It has to be said that Japan’s national characteristics, it is difficult to listen to what is loved, saying that it is good to listen to the spirit of the craftsman, never let every detail. That’s why he produces the best denim cloth around the world. Until now, the highest-ended jeans fabric is all produced in Japan, so Evisu is also a high-end cowboy brand to get a collection of collectors around the world and fashion enthusiasts.

▲ The four words “Quality Assurance” on the Evisu leather

As for the origin of the seagull logo you have been thinking about:

Master Shangen has received an interview: Many elements that are light now, they are from the original casual idea – such as this seagull symbol, it is done after the entire process of jeans, what is it? The back pocket painted a seagull with hand, it is a bit a bit of doodle. The seagull on each pants was all painted by my hand …


▲ Master Shantang personally painted Shanghai Gull Logo for jeans

I have to say that this is a lot of performance sales, still adheres to very small production and a large number of hand-made spirit, making it a great significance between the collection of evisu in Vintage Jeans.

Evisu also has a Japanese version of the European version

The most intuitive way to distinguish the Japanese version and the European version is to look at whether there is an evisu’s small red standard. If it is, it is the European version.


▲ Whether there is a small red label to identify

The Japanese version is quaint, basically in the re-enactment, almost all straight pants (2017 as boots)


The European version of the design style is more exciting and creative, and the trousers are also more varied (different colors, different fabrics, not all jeans)

▲ European version


Of course, carefully observe you will find the Japanese version “M” like the mountain hills.

The “M” of the European version is more like the mountains and close to the straight line.

Japanese version of Evisu is also divided into three levels

How to distinguish them? Please see the leather behind the trousers, the front Buddha head is made from the formation of the monsters and cotton / leather, and there will be NO.1 or No.2 or No.3 NO.1 or No. 2, 3 times. Of. The smile in the center of the flag is the image and tradition of Japanese Fortune Evisu, symbolizing the brand. The Chinese characters represent the quality and origin of the brand.

▲ Evisu leather


Evisu brand big event



In August 2012, Mr. Chen Guanxi served as the first spokesperson in Evisu Asia, and using “fanaticism” as the theme of brand publicity activities.

year 2013


Evisu and British Doodle Artist INSA Cooperation Design Special Edition Capsule Series EVISU opened a new concept shop Evisu in Hong Kong to hold a theme pair in Shanghai to celebrate the release of the 2013 autumn and winter series. Cooperation with Wonderland Magazine “The Barber” (“Hairdresser”) short film publicity on Hong Kong tram 2013 autumn and winter series new product


Year 2014


The first launch of “Evisu Sun” sunglasses series Evisu creates new images for the 2014 autumn and winter series. New image is taken by Fashion Photographer Terry Richardson. With the UK contemporary city artist-D * Face Cooperative Capsule Series and famous Japanese fashion brand Dresscamp cooperation limited edition Capsule series on Hong Kong outdoor billboards publicity 2014 autumn and winter series new Bespoke event site invited Asia’s most talented singer / composer Zhou Baihao


Launched the publisher of the Year of the Sheep Spring 2015 New Products, the publicity photos were widely concerned. Then launch a new 2015 summer series and legendary brand Moleskine (R) to launch a special edition notebook and the American headwear brand New Era teamed up to launch the hat series and London Street fashion brand KTZ teamed up to create “Dark Cowboy Storm”



In the fall of 2016, Evisu continued to subvert the tradition, re-interpretation of classic elements, bringing three unique men’s and women’s series. From the Japanese style avant-garde fashion design, emitting humorous and confident attitudes, and dares to create different individuals. The classic Evergreen men’s series is integrated into the novel Japanese legendary pattern, while playing a variety of innovative cloth, processing technology and design, perfect echo of Evisu’s adventure. The new youthful styling of the Playful series, showing the arrogant attitude of “swagger” in hip hop culture, all kinds of unexpected elements and misses effects, and explore the new style, add silk humorous taste. In addition, Japan’s “Turning” sub-culture has become the theme of the Evisukuro series this season, black and white models are designed with a slight movement, and there is different.

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