5 habits to reduce the diseased radiation of mobile phones

Today, let’s talk about the habit of reducing mobile phone radiation. You can do it with your feet, which is very good for sleep.

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1. Use wired headphones


Wired headphones do not reduce the amount of radiation, but the wired ear opportunities can keep the phone away from the body. The damage of the mobile phone radiation to the body is related to the distance. choose. Although mobile phone wires can still transmit radiation, it is relatively low.

2. Use the function of avoiding free mentioning

Without involving privacy, radiation can be reduced by exemption. In fact, the mobile phone is two inches away from the body, and the radiation level can be reduced by 4 times compared to the time.


3. Use Bluetooth headset


The radiation of the Bluetooth headset is much smaller for mobile phones, but if long -term wearing means that it has been affected by small doses of radiation, so the correct way is to wear it when frequent use or inconvenient. Essence


4. Reduce the connection of the mobile phone signal

When switching the signal, the mobile phone needs to be connected to the new signal again, such as disconnecting WIFI and the moment the honeycomb network is connected to the honeycomb network, it will automatically increase the power to its peak. In addition, the weak signal will also make the mobile phone work harder to send out more radiation, so avoid calling in elevator or low signal area.

5. Send more information less calls

Simply put, you try to stay away from it when you don’t use your mobile phone. Anyone who is easy to improve is that when you sleep at night, you can put your mobile phone on the bedside. This is not good for health or sleep.

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