Big sweater jacket, simple and fashionable elements show vividly!

Loose cartoon cartoon sweater coat, loose version, these details and elements with simple and fashionable details are vividly displayed on this dress, making a delicate girl.


Korean version of pocket pocket long -sleeved sweater female sweater, sweet college style


Korean doll collar sequins, a ripple dots knitwear, sweet princess style.

Wave -shaped lapels, diamond -shaped patterns, it feels like college style. With a lattice skirt, it seems to return to college, fresh and simple, simple contours and details, creating a sweet and pleasant feeling!

Green short slim sweater with a black leather skirt, black stockings and canvas shoes, black hats, cute and playful dress, a charming taste, with wine red hand bag, very beautiful and generous.


Fine knitted fabrics, sleeve hollow lace design, sweet and cute. The cuffs are stitched, and the arms are tightened, which is very thin.


The doll collar bat -cuff knit sweater, the big love hook -flowering style, clean and solid color system, excellent knit sweater, in autumn is a popular item that everyone is keen.

Green short sweater with a red printed skirt, the contrasting color mix and match countless, with green cotton socks and blue sneakers, beautiful legs, beautiful and fashionable, showing youthful vitality.



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