Starting from a sewing machine and a computer, the annual transaction volume of this clothing e -commerce company in Zhengzhou exceeds 100 million


On October 18, the 5 -day Zhengzhou International Fashion Week is about to open. Zhengzhou International Fashion Week aims to support local clothing power, change the ecology and soil of Zhengzhou’s fashion industry, and promote the rapid development of the Central Plains clothing industry chain.

Today, we have launched a series of special reports of the “Zhengzhou Clothing 70 Years”, focusing on the first -tier brand enterprises, local designers and young entrepreneurs of Zhengzhou’s clothing industry, showing corporate changes, ups and downs, entrepreneurial stories experienced by Zhengzhou’s clothing industry in 70 years, And the changes in the times, describe the statue of Zhengzhou clothing people who are fighting up.

Started from a sewing machine and an online shop in 2006, cut in from the original women’s clothing, lucky to catch up with the tide of e -commerce and quickly entered the first echelon of Zhengzhou’s clothing circle. This belongs to the fireworks of Zhengzhou’s local clothing e -commerce companies “Ten years of highlights”.

However, due to the conservative development strategy and the steady growth of Yiyang e -commerce in recent years, the fireworks have fallen behind.

“The mall is like a battlefield, and people who delay the fighter on the battlefield often face punishment.” The founder Chen Liming did not dare to stop.

Li Xingjia, chief reporter of Henan Business Daily

Post -80s resignation as e -commerce

“A few months after resigning! The pressure that is ubiquitous can make you escape. Anxiety from whether you can keep up with the times and do not know what you can do if you can’t do it!”

On September 26, Chen Liming was sitting on the black rectangular sofa and told Henan Business Daily reporters that in 2009, he resigned from the media to create fireworks and hot years.

Born in 1981, Chen Liming, compared with the long -known long -known big coffee, after the 60s in the industry, Yida Zhao Sunli, the post -70s Yiyang Liu Tao, and the post -70s Meng Shu Yongbin. Later show. However, after resigning and entering the clothing industry in 2009, the busy and sharp pressure of day after day made the two puppets white within the 80s. The greater pressure comes from the future. It is a huge adventure from the decent work and the excellent salary environment. It is a huge adventure.

Not only are individuals ignorant, it is difficult for front -line brands to guess that e -commerce will be a trillion -dollar outlet after 10 years, becoming the backbone of the retail format.

A sewing machine and a computer start

Zara entered China in February 2006 and opened the first flagship store on Nanjing West Road, Shanghai. Immediately, H & M also opened the first domestic store in Shanghai in April 2007. The domestic first -line clothing brands are busy attacking the world’s fast fashion giants. Although the brand competition is fierce, the front is dead.

Zhengzhou’s clothing field is not much stronger than first -line clothing brands. E -commerce is still unfamiliar. Local women’s pants brands Yalida, Mengshuya, Yiyang, etc., just ended in the publication of the Great Hall of the People in the Great Hall of the People in 2005. The slogan of “Chinese Women’s Pants Watch Zhengzhou” became more and more loud. When most of them are obsessed with creating Zhengzhou women’s pants brands, and how to transform from women’s pants to women’s clothing throughout the series, an e -commerce company named Taobao 100 billion in the opportunity to pass quietly, and no one can seize it. It was already 2011 when Yi Yang turned back to start e -commerce.

At this time, it was precisely the test stage of Chen Liming’s touch. In 2006, Chen Liming’s lover Zhang Qiongkai started with a sewing machine and a computer, opened the first Taobao shop, designed and produced original women’s clothing, and sold it online. This laid a seed for the rise of Zhengzhou’s first pure clothing e -commerce brand in the future.

At that time, the original women’s clothing was a neglected niche field, and e -commerce was still in the budding period, and the interest pattern was not determined. Chen Liming felt that the clothing online store was just a small sale, and he couldn’t even look at it.

Relying on the unique style of the original women’s clothing, Chen Liming caught up with the rising bus of e -commerce. He attributed the reason that “there is no way out of the style without the style, and there is no original.”

In 2009, Chen Liming thoroughly resigned to operate the clothing online store. The first decision he made was to set up a company, registering the “fireworks hot” trademark, and seeking team operation.

From the opening of online stores in 2006, to resigning in 2009, he resigned to the sea to help his lover for business management, and then to the first 10 million yuan for fireworks and hot sales. Ambition.

E -commerce gene data “horse racing”

Speaking of e -commerce, especially Zhengzhou’s clothing e -commerce, Yiyang and Fireworks are inseparable.

The two methods of the two are very different. Yiyang e -commerce is based on the powerful physical clothing supply chain. After the fans who are familiar with the online rules and the fans of the traffic, the rushing advances. In 2014, the Yiyang women’s pants electricity electricity Commercial sales reached 300 million yuan.

Fireworks with e -commerce genes, belonging to e -commerce companies with native e -commerce companies. The entire industry chain from materials selection, production, design, and version of the sales is a strange field. , Fireworks hot transactions have exceeded 100 million.

From 2010 to 2017, it was the 8 years of fireworks. From 2010 to 2013, fireworks have doubled sales for 4 consecutive years. Even in 2016, in 2015, the sales of sales were doubled in 2015, and it still doubled.

His success, thanks to the era of traffic dividend, and relying on the gorgeous use of big data, standing at the top of the industry.

There is a “horse racing mechanism” in the big data of the fireworks: the new models produced by the designer need to perform the “horse race”, that is, the comprehensive score is obtained according to data such as browsing, purchase, collection, conversion rate, and sales volume. The number of scores obtained to judge the number of second -time reinvidements.

The “horse racing mechanism” can avoid humanity, and provide a basis for brand decision -making through the performance of single products, and can operate the product supply chain efficiently.

With the use of this big data, in the selection of Alibaba’s “First Top Ten Data Pioneer Merchants” in 2016, fireworks and Han Duyi, three squirrels, good products shops, Mark Walferi and other net celebrities were included in the top ten List.

Broken in Zhengzhou local clothing war

At this time, the fireworks are hot, with no heart, and the hot market and sales volume, it is difficult to make it aware of it. This also became Chen Liming’s biggest regret later, and regretted that he did not repair the roof in the “sunny days” in advance.

Compared with the amount of fans of Zhengzhou local first -tier clothing companies as cross -section. In terms of Tmall store, the number of Tmall stores in Yiyang is 2.663 million, Yalida is 497,000, Mengshuya is 562,000, Ruo Men is 62,000, and Watson is 25,000. Fireworks Hot Tmall Store’s fan volume reached 1.684 million, second only to Yiyang.

However, the perspective to the national clothing e -commerce dimension, the fireworks and the contrast between Handu clothing and cracks that have been sold for billions of years of sales are far away.

Fireworks hot has undoubtedly grasped the bonus period of e -commerce. In the future, the identity of the coming parties stood out in the warming Zhengzhou local clothing war. However, why do you grow into a giant like Handu clothing and cracks? Is it a constraint that Zhengzhou ’s local e -commerce genes are inherently insufficient or the strategic vision is not open enough?

After 10 years of barbaric growth, the situation facing fireworks is not in the past. At present, many companies related to the Internet clamorize that the “traffic dividend has passed”, and it is burnt on the “layoffs”. The capital of capital runs through the year. The original women’s clothing blooms everywhere, and a professional brand of original designers appears at the same time, and it is no longer rare.

These changes have also become a fuse that has to be changed in two years after the fireworks are hot.

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