How to choose table tennis bottom plate! Understanding three aspects and six types is the best for you

As a national ball of table tennis, table tennis is not only long -term technology, but also the bottom board of table tennis is also very particular. Many fans often ask editors, as a beginner, I want to buy a cost -effective and suitable for myself. What should I choose?

In fact, choosing the right ball board is a science,

We must conduct a comprehensive understanding and analysis from the aspects of “basic skills”, “technical characteristics”, “bottom board attributes”;

As long as you read this article after reading, there will be a general direction in selecting equipment in the future!

1. Choose the bottom board that suits you from “basic skills”

Choosing a “weapon” that takes advantage of it, we must have enough understanding of ourselves, as if a sniper can not be the same as anyone, the maturity of the basic skills affects the fans’ choice of table tennis bottom board;


1, only one year:

In fact, fans who have just practiced table tennis, do not over -pursue high -end atmosphere of table tennis bottom board,

Because you feel strange about the moment of hitting the ball, you can’t see the rubber with the skills of beginners at all. You can’t play the bottom on the good bottom board, and you can’t exert all his power.


2. There are a few years of basic skills: such a golf friend Xiaobian recommends that some advanced ball boards can be used, but there is no need to choose too expensive. The most important thing for fans at this stage is to pursue advanced technology, force and friction The combination of you may think that I have enough strength, but it will definitely not reach the level of the professional team;

At this time, you have to make a stronger power than you usually. You will feel that the mistake is increased. The answer is that your friction cannot keep up.

After that, our fans pursued high -quality and bought a violent and bombarded bottom plate. The friction itself could not be added, but the bottom plate helped you to send 20%of the force. Hei Tan 7, later replaced with a five -layer pure wood, the coach gave me a meal, because the bottom plate was too hard, without the ball)

3. Basic skills have matured: fans with mature basic skills have been practiced when they were young, and they have a sense of their own hands. In fact, this is easy to do.

You only need to choose according to your own play characteristics, the size of the force, and the elasticity.


Xiaobian does not interfere, because only you know yourself.

2. Choose the right bottom board from the “technical characteristics”

In fact, the bottom board of table tennis is generally two characteristics. The facial texture is harder, the speed is fast, or soft, rotate the two jumps;

When each fan first picked up the table tennis shot and played the ball, everyone’s feel is different. Some people were born with explosive power, the ball speed was fast enough, and some fans pulled the ball, rubbing the ball, rubbing the ball, rubbing the ball, rubbing The ball and serve are turning. The first time the shooting is different. Do n’t question the editor. You can ask the professionals around you;

1. You are a violent fan:

You should choose the table tennis bottom panel should be soft. Your own force is enough to support the speed of the ball. What is missing is that the bottom plate assists you to create friction and arc.

Otherwise, your power has reached 90%, and the bottom plate is helping you to force you 20%. Your mistakes are guaranteed that you will be visible to the naked eye. You can’t hold it at all;

2. Fans with delicate feelings and good balls: This kind of fans basically pull the ball to compare the ball, and they like to create friction; such fans basically recommend that they use good elastic bottom plates, not hard bottom plates!

It is a deeper and faster bottom plate. Such a bottom plate helps fans to return the ball to the ball to make a better speed and make up for the problem of slow balls caused by friction.

And your ball arc will be better, the arc ball is the bottom line, making the opponent a headache.


3. Choose the bottom plate that is more suitable for you from the “bottom plate type”

When it comes to the knowledge of the bottom board, the knowledge of the bottom board is complicated. The readers who see this article are blessed. They can collect, like, and forward it slowly. Let’s start with the pure wood bottom board;

1. No splicing cypress: There are basically only cypress wood without stitching pure wood bottom plates.

The advantage is that the wood is not spliced ​​and compressed, and it is very elastic;

2. Five -layer pure wood: This kind of bottom plate is relatively thin and light, which is made of five layers of wood and pressed. Each layer of texture uses three vertical and two horizontal.

This kind of ball board will feel some shocks when hitting the ball, which also represents “clear feel”, which is relatively soft, as if the eggs hit the mattress;


It is very good to eat, but if the players who are pursuing speed play are not recommended, the five -layer pure wood is more suitable for beginners, because real beginners and coaches will not make you randomly. Many basic players will dislike the five. The speed of the layer of pure wood is too “meat” and abandoned.

3. Seven layers of pure wood: Seven -layer pure wood adheres to the elasticity of wood, and because of the thickness of the fabric, the elasticity of the five layers of pure wood is insufficient; , The big wood core in the middle of each bottom plate is the thickest. As for what material, everyone needs to see the introduction carefully, and what kind of wood feels, everyone needs to be played and felt by themselves. It


The seven -layer pure wood shape is relatively small than the five layers of pure wood, and the strength and speed are greater than the five layers of pure wood. If you pursue the “whip” technology, you can consider the seven -layer pure wood bottom plate.

4. Inner clamping carbon fiber bottom plate: In fact, the mezzanine is basically a carbon fiber woven mesh. Each type of weaving structure is different, resulting in different hit effects; this 5+2 structure bottom plate is an advanced bottom plate, and the ball speed is more. Quick and more bombardment. Don’t think that the more expensive, the larger the ball board, the better. If you do n’t grasp it well, such as the short swing, we will take all kinds of high and cause passive beating. Therefore The performance of the bottom plate is mainly;

The inner carbon fiber bottom plate is this layer of woven carbon nets near the large wood core of the bottom plate. This structure not only increases the speed of the ball, but also retains the soft feel of pure wood.

However, Xiaobian warmly reminds everyone that anyway, as long as it is carbon fiber sandwich, it is not easy to control than pure wood;

5. External carbon fiber bottom plate: This kind of ball board is not uncommon on the market. The benchmarking board is the butterfly king used by Zhang Jike, which is the external fiber bottom plate.


This kind of ball board can assist the fans for effort. You will obviously feel that the ball is more powerful and the speed is faster, but the fans must refer to the basic skills of the above.

If the ball eats the glue, you can’t add friction, the ball has been separated from your bottom board, and your movements have not had time to do it. This high -level ball board is just a piece of waste wood in your hands. Don’t turn on stage!

6, carbon particles bottom plate:

The more typical bottom plate is the carbon granules used by Xiaobian. During the production period, the carbon particles were placed in the adhesive between the wood and the wood, which was finally suppressed;


Such a bottom plate is very hard, and it can be regarded as a special bottom plate of the fiber bottom. Now it is rare on the market. The speed of the ball is particularly fast. If there is this bottom plate around the fans, you can try it.

How should you choose as Mengxin?

In fact, Xiaobian recommends that Mengxin uses pure wooden bottom plates, because beginners do not pursue force in the early stage, but pursue action. The pure wood bottom plate is more suitable for novice. Everyone has time to complete the action. Because of the insufficient friction time, it leads to the end of the stage for table tennis to come to power. In the end, the basic skills are deformed;

Some fans said that if the bottom plate is hard, I can adjust the hardness of the rubber sponge. Xiaobian explained to you like this. If you use Zhang Jike’s butterfly king, you will configure a butterfly “bus”. This kind of backhand editor dares to say You have n’t entered the professional team, you ca n’t control it at all; because the external fiber bottom plate is too elastic, let alone pull down the net, you will feel uncomfortable;

Today, I will share with you here. If you think the article is helpful to everyone, remember to collect and forward it!

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