Kangxi’s most petty daughter, died in 56 years old, wearing the dragon robe after death, the body is not rotted 240 years

In the history of long feudal in China, the trend of central centralism has intensified with the evolution of the times.

When the Han Dynasty, the monarch can also sit around, and there is a rule of Jun sitting in the Song Dynasty;

The emperor of the Tang Dynasty did not monopolize the costumes of a kind of color, and only the emperor of the Ming Dynasty was only wearing it. Anyone even is the Crown Prince wear it.

Figure 1 Taizong Li Shimin

But in the Qing Dynasty, this monarch authorized to arrive in the dynasty, but there was a princess to funeral. It is necessary to put it on other people, not only 僭僭, but it is a big unlucky, how can the emperor’s exclusive costume to funeral?

The princess of this “ignoring the Imperial Society” is the princess Lan Qi in the TV series “Kangxi Dynasty”.

What is the real Blue Qier in history? Is this robe to the emperor’s Qin or her private collection? This has to be seen from the 4th Emperor of the Qing Dynasty.

Kangxi’s palm Pearl

The Horizon of Kangxi Emperor,

There are 4 servants after the emperor, Huanggui, Gui, Yu, Hey, nobles have a total of 29 people

The child is a lot of pile.

But there is a first birth prince in these 嫔, and it is also a maximum of children in Kangxi. She is Rong Hao.

Figure 2 Film “Kangxi Dynasty” Rongzhi Image

And the daughter of Rong Hao, the princess of Kangxi, the most petty of Kangxi, is also the princess who buries the drain robe.

As Blue Qi in the TV series “Kangxi Dynasty”, the princess is not only beautiful, but also proficient in the poetry song, deeply loved.

Kangxi once said: “Among the prologues,” the most “is the most. At the age of 18, the princess was sealed as “the princess of the Master”.

However, the daughter who is petted is also for a long time, because the princes are teens to marry the nest.

Qincha and the marriage life

Blue Qi in the TV series married Junggar, and the husband of the true princess of the history in history has another person. Just half a year after she was sealed and the princess,

Kangxi took her to Mongolian noble. In fact, the full Mongolian marriage is a regular thing, and it can even be said to be the basic national policy of the Qing Dynasty.

After the opening of the National Division of Nurhachi, Manchuria’s aristocrats were union with Cole Mongolia, and consolidated the relationship with the blood of the past.


image 3

Later, although Cole Mongolia was annexed by the Qing court.

But the friendly relationship is always constant, there is still a lot of princess far married.

Said back to the princess of Rong Shan, Kangxi arranged this husband to arrange for her.

Urlon is born in Mongolian high door aristocrats, the ancestors are Genghis Khan, and the father is Bahrain Zanac Dotho County, Wang Exawei.


And according to historical records, Urzi is very mighty, and the rider game has no fine. At the age of 20, he led the Bahrain army to participate in the famous Ulan Tong (Han Dynasty, is the man on the grassland. It is also a dream of countless Mongolian girls.

The combination of noble and beautiful princes princess and Urlin can be said to be a natural place.

Mongolia’s vast and drainous city is very different, but the cheerful ridiculous princess can adapt quickly. At the beginning of the 19, the princesman, the princess of the princes, rushed to the Horse, chewing the mutton, and quickly dated a pair of cute children, enjoying the happiness of the wedding.

Kangxi did not look around Ur. Urlon loyalty, gentle, considerate, make up for the princess from marrying.


The princess of Rongxian can’t wait to share her joy with the parents of the mother. She once sent the head and other guards with her “Queen’s request to please San Wen and the imperial prince of the court”.

Figure 4

The princess prepared food for my father Kangxi Emperor, and also gave his grandmother, the mother was honored, the Crown Prince, the Empress prince and the little brothers sent the grassland specialty.

Yuan married princess, heart meat

One year, Kangxi is not self-careful, and the princess of the Rongxian learned that the horse flew to Beijing to take care of his father. After returning to the Forbidden City, she could have a mother, the brothers and sisters, but they cooked the medicine in Japan. Every day, I will give the father to the father, until my father is more ill, I will return to the mobei.

This thing also has recorded in the “Qingzheng real record”: “Forty-eighth year of the holy, the princess is asked to be afraid to have a diligent, more than forty times have no small.”


You know, this time, Kangxi is old, and because the son has a few times to waste the Crown Prince, the seat of Jiangshan heirs has been suspended, making it very powerful in the emperor, and finally played a “nine kings “Tragedy of”

Kangxi pays attention to family, but it is necessary to watch his pro-children to kill each other. How can he be in his heart!

Or the daughter in front of you, filial piety, but also hung yourself in the sky. So after the body heales,

He took the prosthetic “Keheng Ke to our best, and the masters of Zhongr width is the most”.

This Jinzhan can be said to be the highest glory you can enjoy.

Because it is generally only the Queen’s daughter can be called “Quanlun Princess”. The meaning of “National, Dynasty, and Tribe” in Gu Lun, Manchu.

Figure 5

The ordinary 嫔 嫔 女 儿 general can only be accomplished as “and Shuo Princess”. And Shuo’s meaning in Manchu is “a corner of the table”, the 18-year-old is the title of “the Princess”.


In the Qing Dynasty, the level system is extremely strict, even the title of the princess should clearly specify the respect, more importantly,

Rongxian is the 5 Kangxi Dynasty, the only one by Kangxi.

How it is not enough for Kangxi, which is visible to her.

In addition to granting the highest princess of Rongxian, Kangxi is also a real “preferred” raise to this daughter.

According to the “Qing Shu”, Kangxi often worked with the baby daughter far in the mobei. During the operation of the Junggar, I watched the loved ones.

In order to meet the father-in-law, Urriza specially built a brilliant palace for Kang Xi Chuan in the territory of Bahrain. This is also the only palace in the north.

It is worth noting that Kangxi is far from the dead of the north, not only a prisoner.

But there are 5 princesses, Kangxi has never visited the other four daughters, let alone Xu Xi’s husband builds the palace.

Image 6

After the completion of the palace, Kangxi has been in this palace 2 times, and personally will mention the plaque of “Jinzhi Deman”, which remains in the old site of the palace.

There is also a princess of the princess, and Kangxi sent Sanada and four princes to pay attention to the condition of the princess, from the diet to the housing.

Later, the princess gradually healed. When the two Ago reported to Kangxi, Kangxi also accused their two housing “all worse” to the daughter, did not let his heart liver baby peace of mind.

It can be seen that Kangxi is not general in the eccentricity of the princess of the princess of the princess.

Towel does not let the eyebrow

Rongxian, Kangxi pet, Urriza also deeply affected, repeated promotion

In 1704, Urrus succeeded in the position of Zaasak Dorrow, Bahrain

Later, since I followed the father-in-law in Kangxi, I was able to follow the Horses.

In 1715, Urriza was appointed as the Zhaoli League, and once again, he also opened to a deputy general, and he was unified twenty-three flag military affairs.

When serving as a deputy general, Urrise rate rose to ask Want Araban, this is a whole six years. In this way, the princess of Rongxian will be a practical rulers in Bahrain.

Figure 7

Although at home, it was the father’s heart of the liver. After married, he was also petted by Ur, but the princess was the arrogant woman in the sky, handling the government to make a savvy and do not lose the man.


It is said that there is an official in Bahrain to tarnish a civilian woman. Princess knows the two parties after the matter, encouraging the victims to say that the origin of the original committee will be justified by this official.


I didn’t expect this official to see the princess but it is a weak woman. It is not only invaded, but also in the words of the princess, the princess is about to pat the butt.

The princess of Rongxian did not retreat,

She drunk all the officials, and she also rewarded him from being sentenced to 100, and the silver was all two, the animals were several, and apologized to the woman.

This is still not calculated. Afterwards, the princess will report this in the court, and the law is going to be a matter of law.

In this case, the princess’s Thunder wrist let Bahrain’s size officials, and no one dares to disrespect her, and the people are more called “two princess”.


Suddenly lose 2 favorite men, the princess Xiang Yuyu

The princess couple dozens of years, such as a day, can be said to be the representative of the young Qinhe Ming, whether it is active or military work.

But their only son is the only stain that is a perfect life of Rongxian and Ur.

Figure 8

Lenbu has grown up from the little love in his father, and the voyage is unpredictable. However, Rong Xian has deeply known that the son is the son, and his son must provoke the future of Bahrain, so it is very strict. And even the stick.

Whenever this time, Urzi will give the son because of my distressed, so I can’t always be in the education of Len. Just in this way of protecting the elements of education,

Len Brings eventually grows into a no-responsible person, the concerns of Rongxian have become a reality


In 1721, Urli was ordered to defend the Junggar who attacked the mobei. As a result, it was died in the ritual of the march, and was 51 years old.

According to the example, the only child is inheriting the county Wangjue. As with the proud of Rong Xian, Lenbang did not care about the Queen Queen, often being reprimanded by the court.

The man joined in hand for 30 years, and their only son can’t be instructed.

In the snow, it is the second year of the death of Ur, and the Emperor Kangxi is divided. Under the triple attack,

After 7 years in extreme depression, the princess of the Rongshui finally gave a manner, and the year was 56 years old.

When Rong Xian died, it was an Yongzheng year. The emperor’s four sons have been reprimanded by the father of the father of the father, so he has been well known.

Figure 9

Therefore, after the death of the princess, Yongzheng special dispatch officials went to Bahrain to condolences, and hosted a funeral for the princess more than specifications.

It’s very popular in the life, and I am very sorrowful after death.

Yongzheng is a large scale of the Mausoleum of Quan Run, is the first of the princess of the past.

Located in the tomb of Quanlong Rong, the tomb of Quanlun Rong, the south, 105 meters north and south, covers an area of ​​5,000 square meters, and the magnitude of its scale can be more than a lot of emperors.


In 1972, the Chemical Princess Tomb was discovered. Amazing is that

Although it has been buried for more than 240 years, the remains of the princess remain well, just like a giving person.

According to the introduction of the examiner, the princess of the princes, the princess of the princess, the leader is 75 cm, and the two shares are shaped, the buttocks, the black brightening; the head is golden and the poison, the wrist, the golden ring; Wear a pair of big red satin embroidered boots;

Wearing multiple layers of clothing, the outermost, is a glorious pearl group.

Figure 10


The Emperor Kangxi’s emperor’s robe is sewn with more than ten thousand pearls, and I am looking forward to flashing Huaguang.

Today, the robes are collected in the Chifeng Museum of Inner Mongolia, showing people of the Canton of the Kangxi, the unparalleled style of the past.

There is a casino in the south side of the Rongxian princess coffin, which is placed on the ashes of Urri and their only childlin. A family of love before the death is reunited after death, and if the princess is known, when is it deeply gratifying?


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