Can you easily “increase” ten centimeters of flat shoes, don’t you come to Pick?

Although the high heels look good and upright, the shoes we wear as a moment in life are obviously not friendly for us ordinary people, but in order to be high, the young girls have to wear. But since these two kinds of flat shoes that are “raised” in an instant, you can throw one side with high heels.

The small dress template Emma Roberts made a perfect demonstration for us. Looking at her street shooting, if you don’t say, can you see about 1.6 meters tall? First of all, she demonstrated to us with pointed flat shoes. The principle is very simple, that is, the visual ductility of the pointed pointed is infinitely extended to the legs, so as to visually increase the calf to achieve the purpose of significantly high and enhanced proportion.


Although the “grandma shoes” of retro square heads this year, it is not as good as pointed and friendly for the small man. The sudden interception effect of the square head will make the calves feel visually. Avoid square head flat bottom ~


Olivia, who is not high in Europe and Americans, is also a capable master who will use pointed shoes to increase height. While increasing the fashion of the same color as the same color, the increase effect is also great.

Another level of flat shoes that can be increased is a large area of ​​exposed feet. The principle is still the same. It is used to increase the length of the calf to create a successful increase. Look at the picture below at a glance. Although he is not tall, the left girl on the left of the flat shoes on the exposed foot looks like the leg length is comparable to the right.

As the template, Emma Roberts appeared again, and the flat black ballet shoes made the legs look like supermodels.


Most people know that the closer to the choice of high heels, the higher the skin tone can be significantly higher. However, the flat shoes on the exposed foot surface are just the opposite. It must be large enough to have an extension. It should be noted that the principle of high extension is to make the heel calves look integrated. If the entire shoe body is skin tone, this effect disappears.

Therefore, if you want to increase the effect, you must have a suitable area of ​​dark colors to form a color difference with the skin ~ The nude stitching will also be very friendly.

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