It is said that cat slaves hope to get these 5 kinds of cats, not the wallet is not strong, and it has been raised long ago.

Some cats in the cat world are really cute, beautiful and smart, and there are all kinds of advantages, so that many pet owners are itchy and want to raise. For example, the following 5 kinds of cats are said to be what cat slaves want to get.

The cat world is handsome -Siberian Forest Cat

The Siberian forest cat is a national cat in Russia. As a cat in the fighting nation, its body shape can be described as giants in the cat, and the environmental adaptability and combat effectiveness are not weak.


This cat’s appearance is very handsome and looks cool, but the personality is actually quite docile. It is a cat that many cat slaves want to raise, but because the purchase price is not low, the economy is generally unavailable.

King of Cat World -Bangladesh Leopard Cat

This cat is similar to the leopard because of its shape, and the speed is fast.


Always energetic, with the self -confidence and pilots of the athletes, so they got the name of Bangladesh Leopard Cat.

And the price of this cat is really not low, and the lowest is 10,000 to 20,000. It is not what you want to raise. Of course, if your wallet is powerful, you can raise it.

Cat world short legs -low -footed cat

The low -to -feet cat is like Corgi, with long -body and short legs, walking around and shaking, cute, it will be sprouting, so many cat slaves want to get a short -legged cat.


However, the price of short -legged cats is not low. In addition, although it looks docile, it is actually very naughty, so remember to consider it clearly.


Cat IQ Big Big Big Mao -free cat

Canadian hairless cat’s IQ is very high, which is equivalent to the IQ of human children and its unique appearance, so many cat slaves want to raise one. But hairless cats are too expensive, and it is not easy to raise, so few people are raised.


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The face value of the cat industry -puppet cat

As a handle of the cat industry, the beauty of the puppet cat is beyond doubt, but the price of the puppet cat is very expensive, not ordinary people can raise it. After all, you ca n’t afford it, let alone raise it.

However, the pets of raising puppet cats mainly pay attention. The puppet cats have a serious hair loss, so in addition to combing more hair, you also have to eat some cat food with high protein and deep -sea fish oil.

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What kind of five kinds of cat do you want to raise most?

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