Be a qualified old driver! Teach you how to install the license plate screw, have you learned?

The first thing that many car owners do after buying a car is to quickly go through the card procedures. Many people think that as long as the license plate is fixed. In fact, there are still a lot of attention. Punishment, let’s learn how to install the license plate correctly.


What does the license plate screw contain?

Generally speaking, after the new car is on the board, the car management office will give 2 packets of car screws. The 2 -packet brand screw contains 8 sets of fixed screws. Each set of fixed screws is divided into pads, anti -theft bases, anti -theft hats and screws.


Detailed illustration of license plate screw installation steps


1. Classified car screws, that is, pads, anti -theft bases, anti -theft hats and fixed screws.

2. The assembly of the license plate screw is placed at the bottom, followed by the anti -theft base, and then string into a fixed screw.


3. Install the anti -theft screws, and the assembled anti -theft screws are screwed into the screw hole first. Do not tighten them first to ensure that the license plate is not dropped.

4. Adjust the location of the license plate (center), and then tighten each anti -theft screw. It must be very tight to avoid the vehicle from loosening during driving and cause abnormal noise.


5. After screwing the license plate screw, be sure to put the anti -theft cap cover and press it gently.



1. Now most of the new cars have 4 fixed positions before and after, so when we are installing, we must be fixed, otherwise it is likely to be punished. (Unless some old models do not support 4 fixed screws)

2. Each province has a unified rule on the Peugeot on the anti -theft cap, and cannot be installed at will. For example, Nanjing car can only install the anti -theft hat of the Soviet A A. If it is installed wrong, it will be fined.

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