How to choose a bathroom fan? Be careful and difficult to disperse! These main points are ten people and eight people!

Do you know how to choose a bathroom fan? Most people will not choose. The selected styles are wrong. Various problems will occur if the style is wrong. As a result, many problems that make you unexpectedly occur. The bathroom place is important. Pay attention to drainage and exhaust problems in total, so that the bathroom can be used for a long time. If you do not do it well, it will make the life of the bathroom shorter.


Sanitary air fans price


1. According to the current market, the price of the air -changing fan we often use is around 30 ~ 150 yuan. Of course, if you choose a big brand of products, the price will definitely be more expensive. There are three types of air -changing fans that are used most now, namely wall -mounted, top -suction, and window types. Their price and installation method must be different. Everyone needs to choose according to their actual situation. The specific price can reach the local building materials. The market understands.

2. Here is a simple introduction of the price of air -changing fans for you, the price comes from the Internet, for your reference only: ① Aya brand, APC15E is one of the product models, its price is around 78 yuan; ② Golden Ling brand , BPT10-22-1D is one of the product models, and its price is around 149 yuan; ③ Ancient Island brand, APB10C is one of the product models, its price is around 59 yuan; ④FSL brand, FSL-BPT101010 -14C is one of the product models, and its price is around 128 yuan; ⑤ Green Island Wind brand, APC15-2-A is one of the product models, and its price is about 49 yuan.

What is the size of the bathroom exhaust fan?


1. The bathroom exhaust fan has many styles, so the size is different. The more common type of bathroom exhaust fan is similar to ordinary oil pumping wind. The size of this exhaust fan is: 34*14*34cm, and its opening size is: 29*29cm. This exhaust fan is more suitable for bathrooms without windows, and the exhaust effect is very good.

2. The toilet of many families also uses a closed exhaust fan. The function is similar to the first exhaust fan, but the shape will be different. This type of fan specification is generally 30*30cm, which uses a square design.

3. There is also a shape of the exhaust fan similar to the central air conditioner. It is installed on the top of the bathroom. The opening size is 20*20cm, and the panel size is 25*25cm.

4. There are many specifications of the bathroom exhaust fan. You can determine the specifications by controlling the diameter, fixed power and opening size of the air outlet of the exhaust fan.

What kind of exhaust fan is used in the bathroom

1. The top exhaust fan

The top exhaust fan is the most common style. Its appearance is very beautiful. It can be installed on the bathroom ceiling. Beautiful atmosphere is a style that many families like to choose. However, the pipeline of this exhaust fan is relatively short, and you need to buy a ventilation pipe supporting the pipeline during installation to better exhaust.

2. Wall -mounted exhaust fan


Wall -mounted exhaust fans are small in size and can be inlaid above the window, but because of its small volume and narrow cross -section of the winding mouth, its exhaust effect is relatively poor, which is generally only suitable for small bathrooms. The wall -mounted exhaust fan can also be installed on the wall of the bathroom, because most of the water vapor will be piled on the wall to better exhaust.

3. Window -type exhaust fan

The window type exhaust fan is different from the previous two exhaust fans. It has a single and double -way operation method to discharge the indoor air and convert the outdoor fresh air to the room. Therefore, this exhaust fan is not only suitable for the bathroom, but also the exhaust fan can also be installed in the bedroom, kitchen and other rooms.

The exhaust fan in the bathroom can be roughly divided into wall -mounted type, and the ceiling type also has window type:

1. The small row fan is called a wall -mounted fan. It can be tightly inlaid on the wall, but because the area of ​​the wall -mounted exhaust fan is relatively small, it makes the exhaust air weak. Therefore, wall -mounted row fans are suitable for installation in small bathrooms.


2. From the appearance, the more beautiful row fan is a top -absorbing fan. It can be installed on the roof of the bathroom. However, because its pipeline is relatively short, you need to buy a ventilation pipe and use it to use it.

3. The windows -type exhaust fan is different from the above two. It has two ways to operate in one direction and two sides. Working in a larger bathroom, window -type exhaust fans are better than the above two effects.

4. First of all, it is necessary to determine the installation fan on the wall or on the roof, and then select a different fan according to the different installation location. If it is installed on the roof, then this kind of fan has the installation objects that cooperate with it. Installation, install the installation, install the installation, install the installation. It ’s good to connect the ventilation pipe, very fast and convenient.

5. If you choose to install a row fan on the wall, you need to find the right position on the wall and then perform perforation on the wall. On the exhaust pipes left in advance, in order to avoid the smell of other people’s homes, it is necessary to install a stop valve. Generally, a row fan can be installed on the wall, and then you can use an electric drill to punch, and then fix it with a screw.

Will the toilet row fans choose? If it is not clear, you must understand it after many aspects, so that you will not let the bathroom exhaust at home do not have problems. No, so as not to be misled by merchants and shorten the life of your own bathroom, in order to prevent these details, you must pay attention to various details.

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