Throw away Martin boots! “Canvas shoes” in early spring this year, with skirts and pants beautiful and age -reducing age

In the autumn and winter seasons, Martin boots are the mainstream, and each year is full of the limelight, but this year’s early spring is different. Wearing “canvas shoes”, light and thin, with pants, skirts, beautiful and age -reducing age, almost a pair of hands with a pair of hands, almost a pair of hands with a pair of hands. Intersection Are you ready to be screened by “canvas shoes” this spring?


Shoes, as the highlights of the medium -style style, are very worthy of everyone’s thoughts. Variable shoes such as canvas shoes have a high rate of appearance in the year and four seasons. Different, what about showing unique fashion control? Everyone must look at the matching of this canvas shoes!

All white canvas shoes


Canvas shoes, low or high gangs, each has its own advantages. You do n’t need to compete for high and low, depending on how to match it, but one thing, do n’t doubt it, that ’s all white canvas shoes, the lightest and clean of them! White canvas shoes, from the toe to the edge of the shoe, use a clean and sharp white interpretation of the presence. I do n’t know what color to choose, and it will never make an error when choosing it!

Canvas shoes are classic casual sports shoes, which are more combined with pants, showing neutrality and handsomeness. If you match beautiful skirts, it will be better to choose all white canvas shoes. Light color will undoubtedly be more feminine.

★ Selection skills


1. All white canvas shoes, the toe chooses a narrow and longer ones, avoiding a rounded toe. Although it is cute, it will exacerbate a sense of white expansion and lined the instep wider.

2. Choose thin soles, which is lighter and softer than the thick sole. It is more suitable for walking and running. It is suitable for office workers!

★ Matching demonstration


① Black pants+all white canvas shoes

In a black match, there must be some bright colors for brightening, otherwise it will look too dull and not high enough! Black pants with all white canvas shoes, to maintain the sharpness of the upper with clean color matching, the overall is lighter. Even if you choose a mopped trousers, it will not look too dull.

② Checked suspender skirt+all -white canvas shoes

Pure white canvas shoes, simple and stylish, with fashionable plaid skirts, combination of color and solid color, complexity and simplicity, fashion sense, instantly eye -catching! The suspender skirt tests the body. It is recommended to choose a V -neck to extend the neck line and be thinner.

Key points:


All white canvas shoes+color socks, which are very suitable for young and individual women, wear a high -level sense in minutes!

Classic black and white canvas shoes

Black and white, divided into courts, classic black canvas shoes, writing forever fashion, whether you are a 30 -year -old urban beauty or 20 -year -old college student can wear it, leisurely reduces age! Black -and -white canvas shoes, high -quality gangs will have more design sense. The shoes help wrap the ankle, which is warmer, and does not show the ankle. Wear low -top styles, remember to match socks, extend your eyes with socks, highlight your long legs!


▶ Style adaptation


布 Commuters -canvas shoes, jeans, suits

Light blue jeans with black and white canvas shoes, light to dark transitions, highlighting the rich level, the trousers can be shorter, leaving more room for canvas shoes, the lower body is stronger, and the formal and high -end suit jackets are highlighted. Simplicity and advanced, it is also appropriate to wear work.

TIPS: Putting on canvas shoes, you must have high -level sensor for foil, otherwise it is too casual. In addition, the color is as simple as possible, not too complicated.

卫 Casual style -sweater, casual pants, black and white canvas shoes


Black and white canvas shoes and sweaters and casual pants are still highly adapted, which can easily create daily street wear. The style of canvas shoes is narrow and long, with narrow -mouth pants protruding the leg lines, which can modify the calf, and the loose casual pants can be more meaty. When wearing black and white canvas shoes, don’t pay too much attention to the lower body pants or skirts. The sense of weight is small.

Color canvas shoes

Compared with the two canvas shoes in front, these colorful canvas shoes will be more fashionable, with diverse colors, or bright or low -key, telling different charm. In the early spring seasons, wearing some colors is even more eye -catching.

Point 1: Echo two or two, highlight the overall nature

Color canvas shoes, if you don’t want to wear white pants, make color echo, the same color as the color of the top, the hat and other items, enhance the echo up and down, and reduce the color of the color system. In addition, why do you wear colorful canvas shoes? The shoes of canvas shoes are very light and the silhouettes are small. Even if you choose some uncommon green and red, you can wear it very fashionable and not too vulgar.

Orange design canvas shoes is a bit different from traditional canvas shoes. The color is brighter, with white backgrounds and lining with orange upper, which is more fashionable. This set of two colors echoed, shoes, white socks, shoes and hats, echoed two or two, harmonious and natural.


Key point two: match the same color system, wear a high -level texture

If you have a pair of blue canvas shoes in your hands, how will everyone match it? The first reaction of Xiaobian is the same color system, with blue jeans, coordinated between different colors and different materials to create a clear level.

Key points: In addition to the cloth surface, there are also leather surface styles. Leather canvas shoes will be more suitable for mature women. The leather noodles are textured and can create atmosphere and simplicity! In the same color matching, everyone can also try lower -skin canvas shoes.


Key points: color and basic color matching


The main color is the main color, occupying a large area, showing style and tone, with color canvas shoes for embellishment, color and basic color matching, stylish and high -level. Whether it is cold green canvas shoes or warm rose red canvas shoes, in front of black and white, it can be well integrated into the overall match.

Note: Do not choose too bright colors. The Morandi color is the most preferred, with colorful and bright, and has low saturation and gentleness and temperament.

Design canvas shoes

Round head, thick sole, leopard pattern … canvas shoes have also started to roll! More and more canvas shoes with a sense of design appear in everyone’s sight, taking into account both fashion and versatile, foreign style is good -looking, it is difficult to be exciting.

Leopard canvas shoes, avant -garde, wild nature, patterns are staggered, looking very dazzling. When dressing, remember to wear a solid color, do not bring patterns. The element is superimposed too much, and it will appear heavy in the lower body.

The leather noodles and side zipper canvas shoes are also very popular this year. The upper is decorated with some zipper decorations to add a fashionable atmosphere. Design canvas shoes, the overall is more suitable for young women. 30+women are still classic styles. The simpler the more suitable!

The flat canvas shoes finally fought over this spring, and they became popular styles.

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