Don’t wear “leg boots” anymore. This year’s “rain boots” are popular. The hidden meat is thin and versatile.

There are too many boots that can be selected in winter. For example, super warm snow boots, but snow boots look bulky, so girls choose.

In addition to snow boots, common boots include short boots and boots. Today we come to talk about boots. In the past, our common boots were generally “leg boots” that were close to legs. This kind of boots were thin and thin, but it was really not really thin. friendly.


The rain boots that are popular this year will not have this trouble. To say this rain boots, this year is really too hot, it is just a pair of rhythm.


1. What are the advantages of rain boots?


• The temperament is more prominent

An ordinary girl, who wants to use fashion matching to improve personal temperament, then the choice of shoes should not be sloppy. You can try the full -fledged rain boots.

The design of the rain boots belongs to long boots, so this kind of shoes can make ordinary fashion styles, which also becomes a gas field. Even if you wear it again, the rain boots will exert its own advantages, so that the matching looks like More advanced and attractive.

• The warmth effect is excellent

If it is in the cold winter, with a long rain boots, you will find that this shoe not only looks very fashionable, but also the warmth effect is also very clear. You can try to add velvet rain boots, which is warmer than ordinary shoes. practical.

• Improve matching fineness


The style of ordinary shoes looks very ordinary because of the fabrics of the shoes, and there is no highlight, but with a rain boots, this shoe has a strong sense of sight.

It can make the style look delicate enough, even if your match does not pay attention to details, choose such shoes for assistance, the style will look more refined and quality, making your image more distinguished.


• Modify leg line defects

I believe that the leg shape of many girls is not very perfect, and there will be a small problem with more or less. For example, the calf part is relatively thick, which affects the overall beauty.


Then you can choose long rain boots to achieve long -term avoidance, and try to use black as the main aspect. Such rain boots style can make the calf look more slender, thereby creating a sense of vision of long legs, making your dress taller more tall and taller Sigh.

2. How to match the rain boots of different colors is more fashionable?


• Black style, color matching pays attention to high -level sense


If you choose the more classic black rain boots, then the style of this shoe should be based on the high -level sense. Ordinary black rain boots seem to have nothing special.

Then try to make the overall style, which looks high enough. For example, with a black down jacket, choose a beige pants, combined with black rain boots, it can show a higher -end minimalist style.


• Brown style, mainly classic style

The brown rain boots will look more recognizable, so in the matching, there is no need to deliberately shape the exaggerated style, but the classic atmosphere is the main style, making the style look decent.


For example, choosing a brown rain boots, with a trench coat, and choosing the same color brown handbag, the style will be more attractive and effectively enhance the temperament.

• Camel style, mainly leisure style

The most classic boot style must be a camel style. The color of this shoe looks high -level and fashionable and can create the most appropriate casual style.

If you do n’t know what kind of shoes you choose in daily wear, you can try camel shoes to interpret your fashion charm.

Today, leg boots are no longer popular. If you are not so satisfied with your legs, you may wish to use rain boots to modify it.

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