It is still the most immortal beauty in “Ou Genfa” clothing, 3 age -reducing matching, please wear it in summer

#What to wear today#



There is such a sentence in fashion philosophy: clothes are the second skin of people, which is not fake at all. The heat that plagues in summer,

The body wants to be surrounded by light and transparent and comfortable fabrics

It is really as comfortable as the second layer of skin.

And the delicate luster but light European yarn clothing

You can create this feeling for you. Therefore, wearing it is still the most immortal beauty of “Ou Genfa” clothing, 3 years of age reduction,

Please wear it in summer.

The characteristics of European Gaza clothing

Ou Genya clothing material is

Very light and elegant

, Bring a fairy -beautiful visual sense. And the color is colorful, macaron or cool ice cream color system, which are all available. The upper body is very comfortable,

Do not cause burdens to the body

It is a good match with the midsummer season.


Precautions for European clothing dressing

In the matching of European clothing, most of the styles are relatively ladylike.

Very gentle little girl tenderness

Essence So many of the items that are matched with it are similar styles. Of course, if you want to wear a little casual, you can also collide with casual items to create

Different fashion taste,

It is also a matter of.

European Gear Clothing Single Product Recommendation

1. Red long -sleeved small shirt

Bright red European roots long -sleeved small shirt,

Visual tension is special

No matter where you are, it is very eye -catching. The round neck port design of the black edge,

Stylish simplicity

In front of you to embellish the alphabet,


There are also a sense of agility of girls. The loose version is comfortable and comfortable, with a pair of black casual trousers, and the red and black color creates a distinctive visual sense.

2. Halfly European Root Sarrapers

Choose a semi -transparent European gauze shirt,

The color tone is very fresh and pleasant

The upper body is full of Xianmei Faner. Simple small round neck, modify the slender silhouette of the neck, the stitching design in front of you,

Fashion looks layered.

Take a short leather skirt and a small A -line version to easily wear long legs. High -heeled sandals with silver tone,

Fashionable and charming.

3. Pink European Roots T -shirt

The cute and delicate bear pattern is embellished in front of you,

Very age reduction

The white European roots of collar and cuffs are stitching, which looks full of layered. Loose short -sleeved tailoring,

Comfortable to wear,

The clothes hem slightly tied a little bit in the waist of the pants,


It looks very casual

Essence Gray sports trousers with loose version tailoring,



Essence With a pair of pink casual shoes, the youthful atmosphere comes up.

4. Half -high -necked European shirt

Romantic and sweet Ougenya long -sleeved small shirt,

Frozen age

Whether it is a little girl or a big woman, it looks very suitable. It is also very good as a magic weapon to be tender. The design of the half -neck of temperament,

Pull the neck line

And the beautiful mesh skirt is matched with it, it seems very


Gentle and quiet,

With beautiful shoes, it shows that you are different from everyone

Xianhuo temperament.

Eu Genya Clothing Recommendation Recommendation

1. Ougen shirt top+casual pants

Beautiful and moving cherry powder,


Pure and sweet and age -reducing age


Create a moving sense of visual, which is the color that many girls like. The loose shirt version is also super strong to the body. It is embellished with a delicate contrasting flower case on one body.

It looks very eye -catching


, With a pair of cool denim shorts, is the love of the legs. The pink heels on the feet also echoed the body.

The tube top design top, bright yellow hue, eye -catching. The fabric texture is strong and glossy, and the upper body looks very clothing. With a pair of light blue straight jeans,

It looks tall and long legs

, A orange -tone pointed high -heeled shoes are matched with it, showing the 10,000 style of temperament mature women. With a orange handbag,

Out of the street is very picky.

The ripple dot top is romantic and sweet. This element is always loved by the girls. There are small black sling inside.


Don’t worry about glowing at all.

The sleeves are modified by lotus leaf,

Looks more frozen

, Made in the material of the agile European gauze, create a crystal clear feeling, and put on a slim -fitted jeans, which can modify the straight leg shape, a pair of black high heels of sandals,

It looks beautiful.


The light apricot European yarn top, the well -behaved lapel is stylish and exquisite, and the black ribbon modifies neckline, which set off the beautiful silhouette of the neck. The hollow flower case is embellished in front of the body,

Smart and charming

, Tie all the clothes on the trousers,

Looks capable


Essence The skirt -style cropped pants, classic pure black, is difficult to match. A pair of pointed heels is perfectly fitted with it to create an elegant and romantic ladylike temperament.

Chu Chu is moving.

The small fresh green European root gauze shirt, a large ribbon can be a bow,

Add a few playful and sweet style


Essence The slightly surplus clothes are comfortable and unrestrained. Take a purple mid -length jacket outside,


Essence The classic plaid casual trousers, the body of the pants is also dotted with the same green system as the color tone of the clothes, creating a overall sense of combination. A pair of white heels follow,

Show your good temperament.

The khaki -colored mid -length trench coat, fashionable and elegant, is atmospheric and casual. It is a single product that many light mature women like. A yellow European roots shirt inside,

Bring a fashionable atmosphere

, White straight leisure trousers on the lower body,

Concise and casual


Essence A small handbag with the same color as the body, exquisite three -dimensional and practical, milk white boots on the feet,

Also wearing a full street shooting fan.

2. Ou Genja top+skirt

The beautiful macaron clothes are tone, and when you see it, you bring a different visual feast. The fishing net -shaped hollow design is embellished in front of the body.

Fashion looks layered

, And create a three -dimensional sense. The sleeve is designed with a long beam,

Highlight the beautiful lines of the arm

Essence The pink -tone A -shaped half skirt, easily wearing a enviable long leg, with purple middle socks,

Xuan showed the sweet girl’s heart.

Pink European Roots Shirt, the version is a conventional tailoring design,

Fashionable and simple

Essence Inside a dress with pink floral modification,


Seating white skinny and moving

The integration of small white shoes also adds a lot of casual atmosphere, with a color striped handbag,

Out of the street, it looks free and freehand.

Half -transparent white European yarn shirt,

Classic beautiful and not picking people

The black bright vest design outside creates a fashionable visual vision. Put on a gray skirt, and the big bow on the side of the skirt, which looks extraordinarily

Unique and novel

Essence The skirt of the hip,

Can shape a slender legs,

The belt also outlines your small waist, and it is still eye -catching with printed sandals.

Light -colored sweaters are fashionable and elegant,


Sweet and free to wear

, Loose version, fat and thin figure can be played on the Internet. Romantic and agile irregular skirt, full of sweetness, combined with irregular skirts, tailoring,

Wear comfortable and elegant

Essence A pair of yellow high -top sports shoes,

Wearing a full youthfulness.

High -waist checkered top, a bit of exposed waist design,


It looks sexy and seductive but there is no lack of cool breath


Essence Under the retro wine red half -body long skirt, fashionable and elegant, slightly hip -hip version,

Highlight the slender leg shape

, A pair of light sandals are worn, easily interpreting the distinctive trendy girl.

Light pink is a very romantic color. Many girls can’t resist its temptation. Combined with the shirt designed by the ribbon,

A sense of age reduction

Essence With a red skirt that buys a red color, the elegant ladies are also revealed. The white high heels are matched.

Wear a different trendy charm



3. Ou Genya dress+heel shoes

Fresh checkered European dress,

Completely full of cure

, White sling and casual trousers are worn inwardly, which looks more

Pure and charming.

The pinch decoration on the skirt,

Fashionable and simple level

The white sandals on the feet also assisted, easily put out the coolness of summer.

The red flower case is embellished on the black background skirt,

Looks very eye -catching

, Simple sleeveless design makes the arm movement more comfortable and flexible. Use the waist cutting design,


Highlight the slim and moving of the background

, Not very symmetrical skirt tailoring to create a fashionable atmosphere. A pair of eye -catching red high heels,

The goddess of temperament is easily worn.


What do you wear in summer? 4 “Ou Genfa” costumes to help you choose,


Fairy and beautiful stars are wearing

Essence These fashionable, elegant and dreamy European roots, or small shirts or skirts all show different


Essence Then match with different clothing, perfectly create your unique temperament,

It’s eye -catching everywhere.

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