Sorry, we really haven’t found a better breastfeeding breast than it

The old fans who are familiar with our fans know that in the past three years, we have only recommended one in the category of breastfeeding bra.

Delle “Bravado” breastfeeding breasts.

An important reason is that among our mother

There are a lot of loyal fans of Midu Le.


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There are also many mothers who want cheaper breastfeeding bras. Our buyers have always wanted to find virtue breasts “flat (price) instead”. Failure to be voted to go to the shelves.

Compared to so many breastfeeding bras,


The advantage of Delle’s victory is very obvious.

Although other brands may give us more gross profit, we ca n’t pass the inner heart. Even if you do n’t make money, you must recommend reliable products for mothers.

Although we could not find the cheaper breasts that are cheaper than Midu Le, the good news is that we have broken the price to the cheapest group price in the past three years!

Delle classic nursery breasts breast breasts single -piece price is 168 yuan! If it is a very thin pregnant mother, the XS size also has a lower group price of 138 yuan!

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It’s cheaper to the hand

Next, we will talk about breastfeeding.

What are the styles of breastfeeding chest?

Which style is more suitable for mothers?

Depending on the different ways of the underwear, there will be many types of breastfeeding underwear, such as cross -vests, front buckle, opening, and full opening.


Although the shapes are different, their ultimate goal is to make it easier to breastfeed.

Different places are in the size of the operation method and the scope of the baby’s contact with the mother.



It is the simplest style of operation. However, such bras are generally softer and thin, so it is easier to stimulate, and there is no effect of shaping the chest shape. It is suitable for occasional wear at home.

Front buckle


When breastfeeding, it has the largest contact with the baby’s skin, but it is very inconvenient, especially when breastfeeding or someone around you will be embarrassing.

Open -hole

Mom operating is quite convenient, but the skin area is too small in contact with the baby. When the baby is breastfeeding, the mandibular or side face touches and rubs the mother’s breastfeeding bra, which will be uncomfortable.

It is generally recommended to choose full -opening breastfeeding bra. It is more convenient than the front buckle operation, and more enhanced contact between parent -child than opening type.

Actually wearing it on the body can be operated with one hand

Delle feed breasts breasts are full -opening styles.


A good breastfeeding chest

Be with these 4 tests

1. Strong support

A small knowledge of the first science:

The COOPER ligament in the breast is the most important tissue that hangs the breasts on the chest wall, but its elasticity is limited. If there is no good external support, the Cooper ligament will bear extra pressure due to gravity.

It’s like that after a long period of stretch of rubber bands, it can no longer be elastic, or even break, and the breasts are easy to sag.

The volume of breasts during pregnancy and lactation will increase, and the pressure on Cooper’s toughness will increase. At this time, at this time,

The requirement of the bras of the bras becomes higher, and it is necessary to ensure that the bra can support the breasts from below whether it is closed or open.

First of all, choose a full -cover or 3/4 cup breastfeeding bra,


The support is better, suitable for breasts that become larger during pregnancy and lactation.

Delle Yuedoru breasts are the cup type of the whole cup.

Then, it depends on the side and lower circumference of the breastfeeding bra. It is better enough and wrapped.

We measured the breastfeeding bras of the A -m -m size. It has 11.5 cm on its side and 3.5 cm in the lower circumference. Overall, the width is enough.

Note: These two width values ​​are not fixed. They will change due to different sizes of the bra. The purpose is to give the mothers with different body types and cups the most comfortable body feel.

Generally, let’s choose the breastfeeding bras of the full cup. The width design of the side and the lower circumference is large enough, but when compared with other samples, we found that virtue is very good in details. Different branches are in different areas of the bra. The fabrics are not the same.

Different from the design of other breasts of breastfeeding bras, Delle breastfeeding bras are different at the cups and side fences.

The fabric weaving at the cup is more loose and less elastic, so that the mother’s breasts are more comfortable and breathable; and these places that need to be supported on the side, the fabrics are more densely woven, more elastic, and there are some, and there are some, and there are some, and there are some. A certain hardness.

The fabrics of different functional areas are different from the naked eye

This design can make the breastfeeding mothers stand upright when they are wearing it, not drooping, and more comfortable.

Another detail, when the mother is breastfeeding, the unilateral bra is opened. At this time,

You need to surround the bras to give the breast a support.


Although the lower side of the other samples we receive is also a fabric that uses threaded looseness, but

Only Midura Yaledo has achieved both elasticity and sufficient hardness support.

If you actually touch it, you can obviously feel that the lower circumference fabrics of the fertiledo are harder and helpless shooting is limited. However, we folded the thickness of the fabric, and the thickest fertility was to show his mother’s hardness from the side.

The lower layer is Yaledo breastfeeding bra


Obviously see more practical

It is both skin -friendly and elastic, but also supports the breast more effective.

The design of the shoulder strap is also very intimate. The side of the skin is soft and comfortable, and the shoulder strap body is a fabric with both elasticity and hardness support.

Although the wide shoulder straps of Yileo are not as wide as other bras, but on the basis of ensuring that elasticity is sufficient, the support is better and durable.

The wide shoulder straps of Yileo are not particularly wide


But the fabric design is particular


Don’t underestimate these details, they are the essence of this breastfeeding bra, which is the kind that cannot be imitated.

Conventional size group price 168 yuan

XS code and lower group price

Newcomer vouchers are more cost -effective

2. No sense of restraint

During pregnancy and breastfeeding breasts are more sensitive, mothers should avoid the bras that are too tight and leaves an indentation on the skin.

Because excessive bras are prone to obstruction of mixture, causing breast infection to increase the risk of milk accumulation or infection.

Good breastfeeding bras are characterized by elasticity and excess space

(To cope with raising milk)

, Will not compress your breasts.


Generally, we suggest that our mother chooses a lactating breast without steel, which is comfortable without compression. (Like my own weaning, I do n’t get used to the bras with steel rings at all, because there is no steel ring, it is so comfortable to fly up)

The Delle Yue Duo series of breastfeeding bras are such a branch, no restraint, and not compressing breasts.


First of all, it uses 91 % of nylon and 9 % of the aminoly, which can have the skin of cotton at the same time, and it can also make up for the shortcomings of cotton easily shrinking and deforming and poor elasticity.

Whether it is the shoulder strap or the bust, the elasticity is enough, not very comfortable.

In addition, the chest pads of the breast breasts are full of breast pads. After wearing it, the chest shape is straight and beautiful. If you do n’t stepping softly, you will have room if you raise your milk.


Compared with other samples, the advantages of Yile’s multi -breast cup are very obvious, full, not oppressed.

Up: Other samples, below: Yuele Duo

The difference between the flat shop is really big

In the process of gradually increasing the breasts, it will not feel restrained, coupled with super good skin intimateness, wearing the same. Even after breastfeeding, you who do not want to be sealed by steel ring underwear can be worn in daily life.

3. It must be convenient to operate

For a full -mouth breastfeeding bras like Midu Leu, it is inconvenient to operate. It depends on the “opening” and “combination” of the shoulder strap buckle.


It is best to operate one hand,

Because we will hold a hungry baby in the other hand.


It is relatively smooth during the operation of the shoulder strap buckle. It also visited the mothers wearing it in the team. There was no feedback that it could not be operated with one hand. Therefore, this concern can be ignored.

4. Good breathability

During pregnancy and lactation mothers are metabolized quickly, and they are afraid of heat. The cup cover of breastfeeding bra is made of breathable fabric.

The details displayed in the previous pictures can also see the fabric weaving at the cup cover more breathable. Let’s take a look at the internal test materials of the cup cover in the macro camera, great!

However, when I was breastfeeding, I used anti -overflow pads every day, and it was quite stuffy after the milk or sweating, because at this time there were anti -overflow cushions, and the fabric was breathable and did not use it. If you happen to be at this stage, you must change the anti -cream pad daily, and the breasts will be much more comfortable.

In summary, Delle feed breasts breastfeeding bras are a good bra that can stand the test and worthy of having a good bra.

It’s so comfortable so that I don’t want to take off

Pregnant mothers will not be wrong with a few more pieces of stocking

Mammal breasts wear every day, often changing washing

Suggest 2 pieces of stocking, change to wear

The breastfeeding period is really expensive. In addition to the opening and closing cups at least 6 times a day, many mothers are used to wet milk and wet their pajamas because they are worried about milk.

Like I started wearing breastfeeding bras from the third trimester, I used to change to 2 pieces. I bought it about once every 4 months. When I was 1 year old, I wore a total of 8 Mi Dele breastfeeding bras.

There is also a pregnant mother in our team. The pregnancy weeks have bought 6 pieces of Mi Dele to breastfeed their breasts. It is estimated that without breastfeeding, it will surpass my 8 items.

I also rolled out a breastfeeding chest that was worn for about 2 months. Compared with the sample, I could see the traces of passing through.

The same is M code, the following is through

The elasticity of the side enclosure has changed, but it is not large

The buckle can be seen that there are traces of passing above


The elastic fabric of the lower circumference changes very little


I checked my order at hand. It was purchased in May 17th, and the unit price was as high as 218 yuan / piece at that time!

After turning over our group in recent years, the lowest unit price is 198 yuan / piece.

Even if you place an order in a flagship store 618 this year, it will cost 197.92 yuan / piece.

But this time,


We won 168 yuan / piece

(Li Shi)


Low -priced,


Don’t buy it, I’m really sorry for the buyer’s sister of the brand Fang Battle every day.

If you are a very thin mother, X

The price of S code is cheaper, as long as 138 yuan / piece.

I don’t know if I can have such a good price next time

Then take advantage of this time to stock up a few more


There are 7 color numbers in the classic Delle Barcorea breasts. Choose the size of mothers to refer to this form.

This time, in addition to the opening of the Delle Classic Feedo series,

Delle’s new style -the kind of lactating breasts also participated in the opening of the group.

It is also a subsidiary of Midu Le. There are subtle differences in the details of the type and Yole. After trying it on, the team partner said that there is no difference in physical sensation. The single -piece price is 9 yuan cheaper than that of Yuele. It is also recommended to buy mothers.

The overall cup type is still full and upright

The inner and outer shoulder straps of the model are widened, and the pressure is relieved

The aspiration of the chest is widening, giving the chest better support

The new ultra -low group purchase price of the model is only 159 yuan

Also available for newcomers

When you are pregnant and breastfeeding, you must be better for your breasts, better!

The breasts are comfortable, and the mother feels happy, so that the baby’s granary can be full.

Although we have not found the same quality breastfeeding breasts cheaper than Midle for the time being, we have won the ultra -low price of two Midler’s two breastfeeding bras!

High -quality + discount activity price is a proper cost -effective, buy your eyes!

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