Super thick butt, Adi flagship running shoes UB2021 strikes

A few days ago, Adidas officially launched the top flagship running shoes – ADIDAS Ultraboost 2021, after the first color of 500 pairs, this Adidas officially announced more information on the shoes and the new color release details.

Shoes use socks set design, and it is equipped with Primeknit + knit fabrics with PrimeBlue, but whether knitted techniques and density give people a new feeling. The Boost with the Ultraboost 2021 adopted an unprecedented thickness, and the increase is obvious. It is reported that the entire middle end is more than 6% compared to the previous generation, and the feet is more next to the previous building, and gives a pre-low high The premiere is given to running a more powerful boost.


The soles have also been greatly adjusted, although it is still a horse-branded non-slip rubber, but the texture and constructs are more complex with new support sheets, and the technology is full.


In addition, Ultraboost 2021 also applies a new LEP propulsion system that gives runners more agile and relaxed in travel.


It is reported that this Ultraboost 2021 fluorescent color match is expected to take the lead in landing on the ADIDAS official website and the designated retailer on January 28.

Author: ArticleManager