How is the “parents’ down jacket” Bosideng how to become foreign, sell clothes to 2,000 yuan?

Bosideng, as the most famous duvet brand in China, once also called “parents’ down jacket” because of its conservative and old design. Just pick one, you can make a brand of brand monarchs that are in a big good year.


In the years that have just been booming in the down jacket, the Bosideng down jacket despite the design of the old man, but its product quality passes, the brand advertising is covered, plus the store, and the small days are also moist. Even in 2013, BoSon is more than 9 billion yuan.

With the foreign down jacket and the four seasons of clothing brands enter the domestic down jacket market, more styles are novel, and the workmanship is the mainstream market. Once the households, Bosideng, who used to be household, began to disappear “too old”, and the position of the down jacket is not. It is not as good as the previous financial report to let Bosideng realize this problem, so began to actively become a young, fashion transformation.

Brand Jun is sorted out, and it is found that Bozimon is mainly used to transform from three aspects.

Change model

Bosideng exchanged advertising models from the elegant temperament aunt into the tendo brother and little sister of Eastern Europe, let people know that this brand is now the same as young people.




Brand Jun has to say, this model change, although its costume design is still conservative, everyone will not think that Bosideng is “middle-aged brand”.

2. Deng York Fashion Week

In order to prove that he has a strong power with foreign brands, Bosideng decided to go out of the country, and did a down jacket fashion show in New York.

The big show scene, Bosn, please to maintain the model of supermodel AA, Hollywood superstar like Anne Haiti, “Eagle” Jerem Reiner came to the head, Anne Harser Weili use stylist LAW ROACH personally fought a knife. In addition, Bosideng also invited Domestic fashion Kol Korean fire, Dii and other unveiled scenes, to help the Bosideng’s New York Da Xiu.

The Bosideng brand after the big show is really a lot of fierce. Brand Jun can only admit: It can really want to do what you want!

3. Push the design of the designer

Recently, the brand is blessed in China, and the Uniqlo is sold very well every other brand of other brands. Bosideng also followed the trend, and before the joint number of Disney, Mountain and other big IPs, the recent cooperation with three well-known designers, designers included the former LV and Paris family designers Antonin Tron, Ralph Lauren Pre-design Director Tim Coppens, Teacher from Yaoto Ennio Capasa.

Brand Jun looked at the down-linked down jacket, the design is still quite strong, what exactly can not be hot enough to wait for sale on November 5th to know.

Changed to the model, the show, and the three-sided ax, the Bosideng brand image is indeed a lot. Of course, the price of its product also has a big shift in the high ground. In the past, the best-priced Bosideng down jacket is now a high price product of one or two thousand yuan.


Now Bosideng, no longer your parents who have loved. That winter, will you buy Boskes?

Author: ArticleManager