I have a premeditude earlier! Italy Milan a bank 20 hand safe is robbed

Zhongxin Net November, according to the European Union network to quoted the European Union News Agency. On the 3rd morning of the local time, a bank in Milan City, Italy was robbed, and 20 laptop safes were robbed. The police rushed to the scene after receiving the case, but the robbers have not known.

According to the report, when the local time is at 8:30, the French agricultural credit bank Milan Sales Department is preparing for business, and a group of robbers entered the banking hall, quickly hijacking the Manager and 1 employee of the banking business department, and holds The gun threatened bank staff handed over the spare cash.

A bank employee who has not been found to be found, touched the alarm system, disrupted the robbery plan. Subsequently, the robbers took 20 hand safe and then fled the case.

After receiving the alarm, the police quickly adjusted more than 10 police cars that were patrolling nearby and sent a large number of police officers to block the surrounding area, but failed to find robbery.

According to reports, the police found that this case is a long-awaited robbery. The criminal gang stepped in advance, through the sewer, opened the basement of the banking department and then entered the banking office from the basement. After the robbers succeeded, flee the case at the case by the sewer.

Since Milan has a huge sediment system, the detection difficulty of cases increases. At present, the bank is being verified for specific losses, and the police will further find clues to confirm the identity of the suspect. (Huang Xin)

Source: China News Net

Author: ArticleManager