Selection of motorcycle riding armor jackets

After changing the car, the displacement is large, and the speed is faster because I am afraid of cold. I plan to buy a ride suit, but the cyclical clothes are relatively tight and bad to add clothes. After considering it Essence After watching a few models on the Internet, I always felt that I had to go to a physical store. First tried to penetrate Dennis’s PRO second -generation armor jacket,


The price is 1500+, I am 169 cm tall and weighs 135 catties. I do n’t know if it ’s my own problem or Dennis is made of European figure. I tried to penetrate the M and L code elbows almost under the elbow joint.


The problem is the same. Because the most easily injured part of the upper body is the elbow joint, the sleeves are long, the elbow joint pads fall, and the protective effect is not available. Originally considering A -star’s armor, the physical store I went to did not sell this brand. It is estimated that it was made by the European version, and I didn’t consider it anymore. After returning home, I took the mentality of trying to go up and down a well -produced domestic brand CC L code care, 400+, 350+ on the leisure fish, 350+, leisure fish.

It’s really good to try on the goods,


The position of the pads is quite accurate, and the elbow cushion is larger than Dennis, and it is said that many imported brands of the protective gear are used by this kind of polymer to rebound the material! This perfectly solves my requirements. To sum up: Dennis has a high price, the fabric is the best in the three models. It should be the best to resist tearing. Finland Rukka, the fabric is a mesh fabric, the pad is said to be a polymer material. + +. The fabrics and pads of the CC brand are good. The key version should be more suitable for Chinese people. The cost -effectiveness should be the best! The overall purpose is to not let the friends from spend money! In the past, there was a video of the car driving recorder I released on the motorcycle. The effect should crush many motorcycle driving recorders! Don’t spray each person’s opinion! [呲 teeth]

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