Ingredients! Dutch female designer can degrade the skirt with mushroom ingenuity

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on April 27, after a year and a half research, the Dutch female designer Aniela Hoitink finally developed a degradable biological material. Recently, she successfully made a dress with this material in just one week to open up a new fashion trend.

It is reported that 41 -year -old Anera is from Amsterdam, who has worked in designers for more than ten years, and founded her fashion brand Neffa in 2008. But her ideal is much higher than this, and she wants to make clothes with her life materials. So she joined the laboratory and used fungi and dining dishes to test. Finally, she successfully developed a new type of degradable biological material, and made a dress.

The raw materials of this material are the roots of mushrooms. Anera made it sliced ​​and then made his own sticky skirt. After the type is fixed, she uses technology to dry it to keep the skirt flexible. Through the continuous exploration of this material, such clothes are likely to lead the new fashion trend within a few years, and this material can be repaired in time when required. And once the clothes are no longer used, it is very convenient to decompose. (Internship compilation: Dou Yan review: Zhu Yingku)


Responsible editor: Dou Yi Zhu Yingku

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