How to show white when wearing a “beige sweater”? 3 types of elegant colors wear dry goods, love in autumn and winter

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How to wear elegant sweaters? How can the color match stand out? This is the main purpose of sharing.

When it comes to the elegant color of autumn and winter, which color systems will come out of the mind? Don’t think too much, it must be a calm neutrality

Earth color system

what. Thick soil, yellow leaves, withered trees, brownstone … the depths are reflected, and the tragic nature after washing the leadership is settled.

It is calm but not migrated, low -key but not cool, letting you abuse it, always present the most simple warmth. It is the lowest layer of the colorful world. It is like soil, which overlaps the fertile soils that have been accumulated in the four seasons.

When it is attached to the gentle and warm heart

knitted sweater

Among them, all the tentacles can all be dedicated. Looking at elegant and comfortable, how can you not linger?

However, blindness and calmness are not the fashion attitude we want. How can we wear it to become fashionable? Answer




Today’s sharing, through the adoption of the day, Luowei said the color of beige, brown, and black sweater to listen to you.

First: How to wear beige sweater?

Among the three colors of rice, brown, and black, the beige is the most difficult to wear. Brown and black, the color tone is deep, how to make it, how to match the wrong probability is very low. Only beige is close to the yellow skin color, and it is particularly picky about color.



Rice brown matching, which comes from the high harmony of the same color system, is a model of self -made high -level color matching, is also the most worthy match. A light beige sweater with a brown skirt, elegant and atmospheric.

Except for color tone, sweater


Rough material

It is easy to create contradictions and conflicts. Match with fine or satin, leather skirts and pants to easily complete fashionable turn.





The black combination with beige instantly enhances the calm power, so that the elegant beige color also has thick stability. It’s shallow and deep, one elegant and thick, simple and powerful.


: This kind of combination is easy to fall into the clicks and cannot express publicity and fashion. Therefore, the use of small objects to create eye -catching focus is certain and necessary.

In addition, the style of sweater also implies the source of fashion. For example, this year’s popular sweater comes with high light.




More clever than black

dark grey

The minimum degradation to the minimum, but it still does not lose stability. Extending thinking, black and gray can also be replaced with medium gray, light gray, dark gray, depending on the beige tone.

What should I do when the two very polite gentlemen collide with each other and have a humble and elegant gesture, and no one is willing to grab the right to speak? Of course it is introduced



Therefore, no matter whether the rice is black or the rice gray match, the focus is on the small items.



When the beige encounters white, he immediately opened his teeth and dancing his claws. No longer humble, there is an impulse and high -profile impulse. Naturally, this excitement is between elegant and controllable.

This is the pure power of white. When it encounters any color, it will only be fully settled and willing to become a background board, but it cannot be underestimated. In the white in the white, Luo Wei felt that the small area was more outstanding than the white.

: Match in the picture, sweater from

Neckline and necklace

Occurnce. Either higher or lower, not the most embarrassing. Or, simply choose a silver long necklace to transfer the focus to echo the white. You can also have a pair of eye -catching large earrings.



Mi+soft powder

Of course, the black and white gray is at the atmosphere, but it is too tasteless. Occasionally, you need to change your mood to a little personality and fashion. For example, light beige and soft pink are wonderful.


Very feminine color matching, can you activate the little girl complex that you hidden in your heart? It is elegant and soft, sweet and intoxicated … but want to be harmonious and beautiful, this

3 o’clock, please grasp


The beige color should be light, pink should be soft, in short, the color of the two should be light;


There are edges, blending too feminine, injection of personality and sharpness. Such as the embellishment of pointed shoes and square bags.



The sweater and pink are installed with different fabric changes. The contrast is becoming more and more perfect.



The bright yellow sunshine has the vitality of all the vitality. Everyone appears, it must be inspiring and breath. The soft beige also enjoys the vitality.

Key points: uniform color tone

Intersection The beige is deep or light, and it is necessary to change with the bright coefficient of yellow. In short, the more yellow the yellow is, the higher the fashion. You have to wear vitality, so why not try to be full?

Anyway, in the bottom, there is a high -grade beige support, and the yellow is becoming more unscrupulous.


Bright red

If your personality is lively and hot, try beige sweater+red unders. The more bright the red, the more fashionable; if your personality is subtle and restrained, the red can be replaced with dark brown, and then the bright red is embellished with a small area.

In the final analysis, the two methods are taken from the stunning effect of [Mihong Match].

Second: How to wear a brown sweater?


Dark brown like coffee is easier to control than clear beige. No matter what color, it can cooperate with it. Implementing to brown sweater, mainly depending on

Two points


: 1. Effect on skin tone; 2. Personality of the overall style.


: As mentioned above, the advanced combination from the same color system, but the color of the upper and lower clothes is changed. The deeper and elegant brown makes the temperament look full and tension.


: Sweat skirt, the standard of elegant ladies. Needless to say, it is a prominent feminine style to set off a pursuit. With bright leather bags, use accessories to create high -level focus.


: There is an advantage of heavy sweaters, especially suitable for elegant skirts. At a glance, the material differences are the innate advantages. Choose white, that dare to be good, compared with powerful, good -looking, please be self -proclaimed.



: This set is derived from the essence of the same color system. The brown of the sweater and the brown inlaid in inlaid in the skirt of the sweater are integrated, becoming a stable and elegant tone. As for the darkness of the Blue grid, it is calm to create a small stunning.


: Suitable for dark brown pink, it must be full and warm deep pink. High -profile publicity but elegant color, which is why brown loves bright colors.


: The elegant soft green skirt is essentially different from red pink. Fresh and chic, hearty and happy, destined to be a clear stream in dark brown color. The same material comparison, different fashion style.

Third: How to wear black sweater?

Black sweater, must -have. Close eyes that will enter the versatile color, but what are you fashionable? There must be. Because everyone can wear it, it needs a more heart to avoid mediocre, isn’t it?

The focus of its dress is not in color, but

Style and personality

Intersection Know how to create distinctive highlights, let black calm and fashionable. The following 3 sets of matching, can you see where the highlights are?

A black lace skirt and necklace, light luxury scarf with black rice, black and white red bag and leopard shoes …


Black Sweater

Whether it is bright or dark, it must have a prominent personality style to win thoroughly. Whether it is designed or small, who can leverage the black personality, who is fashionable!

Especially the monotonous and boring autumn and winter, when wearing black, you must have the courage to break desolation and win with personalities.

Well, the sweater color matching is shared! I hope to inspire you a little bit!

I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.

I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!

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