BAR that has no sharing of underwear in summer without lingerie, dancing can not be dropped

I believe that many girls have this trouble. When wearing suspenders, vests, collars, and back skirts, how to wear shoulder strap underwear? What do you wear? So, today I will organize a wave of selfless dedication to everyone, girls quickly collect it ~

Light Shiguang Flagship Store


The treasure store that has been repurchased, the light -time -free fructic jelly strip series this year and the shoulder strap series are really super easy to wear, and the face value is also very good. Super beautiful ~


Finns Dina

His underwear has no steel ring inside and outside, super comfortable on the upper body, and the tube top underwear personally feels that the cotton is more than the non -trace. ~



I have recently started with my shoulder -free lingerie. I have a good sense of wear, and the milk sticker is also very easy to wear ~

Wall Ting flagship store

The material of his family is the kind of no trace, completely avoiding the embarrassment of the imprint, no steel ring design, and the effect of the upper support is also great. There are silicone strips up and down


Smile flagship store

One -time, very thin and thin, no trace, there is no burden on it ~

Yiche flagship store


I believe that many sisters have this embarrassing problem, “What should I do if I can’t save myself?” Summer wearing a thick cup is hot, and the thin cup is too flat! Can this shop save you completely, have you heard of the AA Cup? Smaller than the A cup, the thin model can make the breasts gather together, it is definitely a fairy underwear ~


Gainreel Goel underwear flagship store


It’s summer, the fresh and thin bras in this shop are suitable for summer, and the breathability will not be stuffy. The best shaped in these are pink lace models, followed by green leaves, and finally French lace and white lace models These two have almost no shape, but there is almost no sense of oppression to wear ~


Milk incense bra

His shoulder -shaped belt underwear is suitable for off -shoulder clothes or more transparent or drooping clothes. It looks good when it comes out ~

Miss Bobo flagship store

The bear’s sister paper is not recommended, because the air cushion compression during growth will hinder growth, and the fabrics of his family are relatively hard, and it is a bit uncomfortable to wear.

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