A “Wood Diewa” attracts netizens to resonate with netizens.

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After the shock, there was a small pest called “Wood Die” in Henan folks began to be unearthed and flew around at night. Some citizens caught wood and worked at night, looking for childhood childhood in the city. Some citizens restore childhood rural scenes, wash them and fry them. Experts remind that this worm has different foods, some eat rotten organic matter, and some eat feces, because they are worried about carrying pathogenic microorganisms, so it is not recommended to eat.

On March 11, the Dahe News reported on this report, which caused netizens across the country


As of noon on March 13, a total of 46,000 netizens read and 263 comments.

○ Various parts of all parts and the whole country in the province, rough statistics have nearly 51 titles

“Zhoukou called this kind of bug as a bug.”

“Luoyang, Henan is called the land blind moth!”

“Local called lantern tiger, coordinate Shijiazhuang!”

“We are called blind here, coordinating Shandong Shouguang.”

In Tianjin, call “Blind!”

“After 70, my hometown, we called it to be confused, and we caught the chicken when we were young. Now it seems to be gone.”

“Heze called blindly.”

On March 11th and 12th, after the relevant reports of the Dahe reported video were issued, the province attracted the whole province

○ Some netizens have eaten some, some netizens do not recommend eating

Netizens who know this little worm said that the turtle is the larvae of the turtle. Its adults are commonly known as Cangwa, which are brownish -yellow or dark red and edible. There is a larvae crawling with a back, and its adults are black or cyan and are not edible.


Some netizens said that the red wids can be eaten. Method: Remove the wings of the caught bugs, wash them, put some salt, monosodium glutamate, egg white, starch, and fried.

“When the sun fell into the mountains, it would fall down when the trees and elm trees were shaking, and they could pick up a lot and cook it. Now I can’t eat it, because many plants are pesticides, you don’t know what it eats during the day. . “A netizen reminded.

“Special, high protein, just put a little oil, put some salt, and fry it very fragrant.” Some netizens said.

“You can destroy it, but it is best not to eat it.” Netizens reminded.

○ “Little bugs” full of childlike fun, lead

Netizens have left messages and caught this kind of bugs when they were young, but have never eaten it. When I was young, I grabbed chicken, ducks and geese

Some netizens said that this report is full of “strong childlike fun”, “this is a delicious taste when it was young.”

“There is a buzzing sound, so it is called an old man. The red ones can catch the chickens. The green and black have a odor, and the chickens are disgusted.” One

“After eating dinner when I was young, I sat outside and ate noodles without electric lights. Because there were too many turtles, I often dropped the bowl. Because I couldn’t see it too dark, I ate in my mouth and suddenly my mouth was fragrant. , Poorly vomit out. “A netizen recalled.

“You have forgotten not to say it, and it’s time for this season. Back to your hometown on the weekend and bring a flashlight.” A netizen said.

“We didn’t hear that this kind of bug can still be eaten here. The yellow turtle is called the golden turtle. We call it a hammer, and there is a black one. We call it his wife. I stayed in it. I remember when I was young, I stunned it under the roots of the wall, and followed, and said that my wife and worm married my daughter -in -law and married my daughter -in -law to confine. After a while, I picked it out. “

“We are called warehouse flies, and the adults of the ground dogs. At this time, there are many in Maiyi. It is a pair of pairs in the evening.” A netizen of Shangqiu Castle City recalled.

“We told it to bump blindly. When we were dark when we were young, we went to Tiantou Maidi to catch it, packed it with a bottle, and feed the chicken for the next morning.”

“Apple trees, Yang Tree Gang Gong too much. In the evening, shook the trees, landed, and passed by after the 70s.” After the 70s, netizens left a message.

“This is Muzi, we call it a hairy monkey here. When I am a child, I caught (catching) this bug. I also eaten it. After a long time, I won’t eat much, I’m tired. Later, I just feed the chicken. “A netizen said.

“When I was a kid, I was eaten frequently. When the wheat was familiar with the wheat in May and June, I caught a lot in one night and fry it with oil.” A netizen said.

“There are a lot of old districts in Shanghai. At night, the lights were hit on the glass window. I didn’t hear that someone eats it.” One Shanghai netizens said.

“This worm is called night touch. After dark, Cheng Shuangcheng paired in the lawn of the river, grabbed it, and stir -fry the insect urine with boiling water. Essence

“A netizen said.

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