Cotton clothing + 3 pieces of next installation = advanced

The body signs of the small question should be the proportion of many girls’ dreams.

棉服 + 3件下装 = 高级

Height 165cm, weighing 45kg

, Tall and thin, the impression belongs to the type that looks good.

In addition to the dark yellow skin tone, there is no other body trouble.

Sexy Goddess or Lady’s Wind route.

棉服 + 3件下装 = 高级

Then come to see the specific body situation of the little question,

On the whole, there is no obvious bug, slender and straight

Even if the legs have no outward or small legs, strength is envious ~

Therefore, the focus of Liya’s transformation will be placed on a rich overall curve sense, creating as well as the bloated look of winter levels as much as possible.

As for the problem of dark skin,

Just pay attention to color matching

棉服 + 3件下装 = 高级

, And stay away from the face as much as possible, can solve it well.

Because Xiao Wen provided less photos, there is no daily dress reference, and the information is blurred, and the information is lacking in front of it.

Liya can only be judged by roughly

The outline with moderate sense and curvature

, Then transform according to the style of preference.


Strawberry sandwich marshmallow

棉服 + 3件下装 = 高级

Everyone seems to have a misunderstanding that the tall man will not be able to wear casually. In fact, it is not.

Don’t pay attention to the distinction of body proportion

, Will look like there is no type.

棉服 + 3件下装 = 高级

Xiaowen wanted to try the lady’s style, and Liya chose short -pink cotton clothes. This color saturation and brightness will not be too high, just right to lift the color.

△ Comparison of different pink

棉服 + 3件下装 = 高级

The cotton dress does not need to be too oversize, otherwise it is easy to appear bloated, and the selection of the inside is also the main fit to highlight the sense of prosperity.

The color of the coat is eye -catching, and the basic white sweater sweater is enough.

If you want to increase the sense of hierarchy, you can expose the hem properly,

The fashionable index is immediately up.

However, pay attention to exposing length to avoid split leg length.

棉服 + 3件下装 = 高级

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I chose the pants and Martin boots to match it, adding a trace of handsomeness.

These two years A

棉服 + 3件下装 = 高级

THFlow Wind

棉服 + 3件下装 = 高级

On the fire, the pants became one of the classic representatives. It fits any shirt without pressure. At the same time, the sense of leisure is not comparable to other items.

To avoid wearing pajamas, Martin’s boots blessing is essential. You can make people feel that you can wear it at a glance, and at the same time

棉服 + 3件下装 = 高级

Zhonghe the sweetness of the upper dress

棉服 + 3件下装 = 高级

, Get two birds with one stone.

This set of LOOK Student Party can be COPY directly, and you can easily become the focus of sight when shopping in class


棉服 + 3件下装 = 高级

Sea salt caramel Mocha

As soon as the winter arrives, is the fairy who fell into the love of the lamb hair again. It is cute and cute, but it is true that it is fat.

Liya’s suggestion is to replace the stitching model,

Divide the large area of ​​lamb hair

The visual effect will be a lot refreshing.

Of course, it is not a style that grows to ankle. It is easy to wrap themselves into bear. Like a girl with a tall figure, you can pick the length above the knee.

The advantages of neutralizing long and short models

, Giver.

△ Press a child

I chose the popular checkerboard elements this year, adding fashionable highlights, and the classic three -color combination of black and white brown is also quite durable.

Secretly teach you a tips, as a knit sweater as an inward

Properly unbutton the two buckles

It can create a lazy and casual tone, and by the way, the position of the waistline is pulled, and the long legs are get in a second.

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The leg shape of a small question does not have obvious bugs. It does not need to be modified excessively. Liya is paired with retro -style micro -pants.


Blueberry is a bit sweet

The last set is to consider that the small question may enter the workplace and build it

棉服 + 3件下装 = 高级

Light mature style

It also meets the needs of ladies.

In fact, for the dry and thin body, you can appropriately increase the sense of hierarchy to support the overall skeleton. In the choice of the coat, you can also add

Shoulder -pad design

The visual sense will be more natural.

CR Red: Swordsman Lin Lin

棉服 + 3件下装 = 高级

The whole set of LOOK uses the color of blue and white gray, but it has been naturally extended in the blue system, which greatly improves the completion. It makes people feel that you can wear it at a glance.

In winter, most girls will choose small high -necked collar in order to keep warm, but it is easy to show short necks. At this time,

Overlap a V -neck sweater,

The shoulder and neck lines were extended at once, and the neck was even more light with breathing.

If you want to increase the feel of women, the combination of the lower skirt+white boots is more attractive, and it will not look light.

Of course, in order to keep warm,

Don’t forget to arrange the light -legged library

The exposure of a small area will appear more natural without prosthetic.

The above is the three sets of modified Looks. I look forward to being liked by the Lord and the Fairy. Similar figures can be COPY directly.

In fact, for Xiao Wen itself, there is not much trouble to wear,

棉服 + 3件下装 = 高级

The focus is on how to highlight the style and use the advantages to highlight the temperament,

Therefore, today’s focus will be placed in more matching, and less modification will be modified.

Most girls are also the same. The purpose of real transformation is to avoid strengths and avoid weaknesses.

Digger your own advantages

more important!

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