Green Source and Dora A Dream, Hellokitty Signing

Lu Net Weifang is busy on January 29

On August 1st, in 2015, Greenland has successively followed the world’s super club, the world’s super cute pet, Hellokitty signed, reached a strategic cooperation, opening a new stage of cross-border cooperation and marketing. The launch of the introduction of Real Madrid family products. The green source electric vehicle Wuxi production base is put into operation. After two months, the Vietnamese production base is put into operation, and the green source has become a minority of 7 major production bases and 2,000 mu of production area. Green Source held the “Safety Strategy” conference, officially positioned the brand as a safe.

According to the organizers, the Zhejiang production base of Green Source Electric Vehicle is located in Jinhua. It is the core base of green source luxury products. It is currently one of the large-scale electric vehicle manufacturing bases in China, integrating R & D, production and service. In one. The base has nearly 2,000 employees, and the whole vehicle has an annual production capacity of 1.5 million. Base has the first electrical vehicle research institute in Zhejiang, has a research and development team of the industry, developed from the frame to the power system research, from smart charging technology to the cloud technology to monitor the industry, to the industry to develop strength to the industry. The Zhejiang production base has a complete production and manufacturing system, which can develop and manufacture independently of a series of key components such as motor, frame, surface treatment. The base has a complete production model of the entire vehicle assembly water line for the product.

However, it is worth noting that the technical standards followed by electric vehicles are consistent, and the green source has been committed to the development and innovation of technology for many years. It has continuously consolidated its strength. It has a complete production and manufacturing system through the intensive green source. Key components such as batteries, chargers, controllers have the strength of independent research and development. In 2016, YANG Yuan launched a Doraemon, relying on the strength of inside and outside, becoming a burst of 2016. Green Source 500 dealer ยท 2016 summit will be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Enterprise training institutions were established at the meeting – “Greenland University”. After the industrial park is put into use, it will form a “South Luxury, North Easy” green source north-year two-wing plot, and the focus point of the green source occupation industry and the high point of the strong. (Correspondent Liu Mengmeng)

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