Isn’t it useful to oblique top attic? Install the pumping trapezoidal storage cabinet, 5 benefits, I am moving

Netizens asked: How to put wardrobes in the diagonal attic?

Many on the top floor will bring a loft, and there are less than 30 or forty square meters. It’s a pity not to install wardrobes. What about clothing? The following [can draw trapezoidal storage cabinet] design of this friend’s house can refer to ▼

✔ The bottom of the cabinet with a pulley

Why install a pulley at the bottom of the cabinet? It’s not for more convenient! The entire trapezoidal wardrobe is composed of 3 groups of rolling cabinets, and the floor has been installed on the floor. Usually, it is uniformly flat with the wall. When you need to open it, you will find a special place. Don’t be too smooth, don’t be afraid to hurt the floor, scratches appear.


✔ clothing classification storage

The three groups of rolling cabinets, because of different heights, different internal layout design, such as the highest group of cabinets, can hang long clothes, the shortest set of one for you to put shoes is also very suitable. No wasting every square meter of the diagonal attic.


PS: Don’t be afraid of falling ash. Although there is no cabinet door, the fitting of the cabinet and the wall is very high, and there is no effect on the promotion of the wall.


独 Cabinet is independent of each other

Compared with ordinary wardrobe design, the biggest benefit of this group of pumping trapezoidal storage cabinets is that its three groups of rolling cabinets are independent and are not affected by rail restrictions. They can even move out any corner of the attic. If you change clothes, don’t be too strong.


便 Cleaning and convenient


As long as there is a gap, there will be dust. The ordinary wardrobe is relatively bulky. It is too troublesome to clean up to clean up. This rolling cabinet is different. Just dragged it out and put it on the side. Isn’t the dust be captured? Sanitary dead corners do not exist at all.

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

I am afraid that the clothes will be stored for too long. There will be tide and mold. This trapezoidal wardrobe with a pulley can also expose the sun to the sunroof position, so that you are not afraid of mold mold! Is it very convenient?

Five benefits, if I have a diagonal attic, I will definitely designed it as follows. All the problems I worry about will be resolved. Why not try it bold? By the way, you don’t want to be empty under the stairs, you can also try it ~

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