“No bitter water” above 2500 meters above sea level, Sichuan people have absolutely drank it! Gift to send

Three craftsmen bitter buckwheat tea

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Cold winter day

Nothing than a cup of bitter buckwheat tea

Witter the heart and the stomach warmer

Ask what Sichuan people usually like to drink the most

If you go to listening to the order rate in the teahouse, you will know

Except green tea

Buckwheat tea


Who makes us Liangshan Prefecture in Sichuan

The best buckwheat tea is produced


Daliangshan spring buckwheat above 2500 meters above sea level has a long growth cycle and a high dry material content.

this time


Starting “Employee Interesting”

I also prepared rich benefits for everyone

before this

Teach everyone how to distinguish the bitter buckwheat tea

Choose: The less fragrant buckwheat tea is, the better

Anyone who has drank bitter buckwheat tea knows that bitter buckwheat tea is not only not bitter, but has a mellow taste and a natural buckwheat flavor.

When buying buckwheat tea, many people think that the more fragrant it smells, the better the quality of the buckwheat tea, but it is not.

Buckwheat tea is processed by screening, baking and other processes. The fragrance of itself comes from the natural wheat fragrance of buckwheat and does not have too strong aroma.


In order to cater to consumers’ “buckwheat tea, the more fragrant, the better”, it is artificially adding additives such as fragrance in the process of making buckwheat tea to enhance the fragrance concentration of bitter buckwheat tea.

Recognition: Buckwa tea is also fake


Many people think that bitter buckwheat tea is only divided into quality and disadvantages, and there is no distinction between true and false. In fact, there are also fake buckwheat tea. Due to the cold and coldness of lobwa, the environmental requirements for the environment are high. The annual buckwheat production is limited.

In order to save costs, when producing bitter buckwheat tea, some merchants will add corn flour, flour and other substances to mix fakes, so that the truly buckwheat content in the produced buckwheat tea is extremely low.

How to distinguish between true and fake buckwheat tea? Can be distinguished from the soup color after brewed. The tea soup that has added other substances to the tea soup soup is turbid and not clear, and there will be impurities and suspension in the tea soup.

Sichuan Sanshi Buckwa Technology Development Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, is located in Chengdu, Sichuan. It is a well -known brand company focusing on bitter buckwheat tea and bitter buckwheat food production and research and development.

In August of this year, the three craftsfrack tea also boarded the live broadcast of CCTV ~


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Three craftsmanship black buckwheat 500 grams of tea

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Three craftsmen Gao Luding VP580 Black Bucky Bucky Tea Bucky Tea 238G

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Dr. Ru Ding of the Three Craftsmanship, Dr. Ru Ding

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Three craftsman flowers and buckwheat 与 三 三 105g

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Three craftsmen bitter buckwheat tea


Three craftsmen bitter buckwheat tea

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