The beautiful and cute girl Korean version of the wool princess skirt woven, attached to the tutorial

I was attracted to see this skirt from the Internet. I carefully studied that the lower flower type was not very complicated, so I used the sample line to get the child.

Use thread; 4 shares of cashmere purple

Use needle; 2.2 Hiroshima

Size; collar 44cm, bust 28cm*2, 41cm in length, and nearly 120cm in skirts.


The model is about 90cm tall, thin and small, and the BB is estimated to be a bit large.


I want the mother of the model owner to provide height, the head circumference, the length of the shoulder to the knee,

Specifically, she did not know where I threw the data, and I didn’t know where to wear.


However, this size is also suitable for girls about 110cm.

Explanation; the unit flower is fighting one by one,

6cm diameter after the unit flowers (the distance between the diagonal two dog teeth)


Press 4446 connection unit flowers,

Four groups of shell back circles (6 shells under the armpit plus 1 shell) into the sleeve and continue 2 groups of shells to end the sleeves.


Press 1+1 after the circle of the circle, and the bottom of the hook of 8 groups of shells after the flower end the pattern.



The manuscript comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please make a private message! Thank you teachers for sharing! Love life and weaving!

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