Tiger Huaya’s new Connected Calibre E4 watch

Recently, Tiger Haoya launched its latest Connected watch Calibre E4, with a total of two versions, including sports 45mm models and thin 42mm watches. The new generation of Connected Calibre E4 watch combines a number of practical functions. At the same time, it is full of fashionable design and has strong competitiveness in the same type of watch.

泰格豪雅全新 Connected Calibre E4 腕表

Following the classic style of the same series, the Caliber E4 watch provides an elegant dial, inspired by the brand’s traditional design in the timetable, with a outline case and cool tape, creating a 45mm size for the watch for the watch. Exercise appearance. The watch is equipped with a ceramic frame with a large -scale crown design for easy adjustment. It is worth mentioning that the 45mm version of the battery life is also prolonged 30%over the previous model, showing a stronger performance advantage.

Another 42mm -size watch is more inclined to functional appearance in design. There is an extended push rod and slender bezel on the side of the watch. At the same time, considering the different preferences of the wearer, the Tiger Haoya watch provides multiple colors of rubber straps, leather straps or stainless steel straps for the Caliber E4 to choose from.

泰格豪雅全新 Connected Calibre E4 腕表

It can be seen that Tiger Haoya is boldly innovated on the dial this time, including a futuristic animation dial called Riverside (with the theme of liquid lava -like themes, aims to simulate the passage of time), and a new new Wellness dials (showing the daily heart rate and steps so far, the new digital dial -up design can provide the latest weather reports, sports information, etc.).

As mentioned above, when the wearer paired with the TagneCTD watch with the Taggaya Sports application, the watch can provide instructive exercise procedures. This is designed for those who are busy working, and the operation is very simple. You only need to set the exercise time in advance. During the given time, choose the method of exercise suitable for you. You can choose the upper body exercise and the lower body exercise. Or the whole body exercise, but the request is to reach the set exercise time. In addition, wearers can also customize exercises according to their preferences.

泰格豪雅全新 Connected Calibre E4 腕表

In this new Connected Calibre E4 watch, the biggest highlight is that it creates a brand new charger, which can not only be used as a watch of the watch, but also can be used as a bedside table in the bedroom at night. display time. Of course, this is a toll service in addition to buying watches. In terms of technology, Bluetooth 5.0 also makes the watch’s data synchronization faster.

It is reported that the retail price of this 42mm watch was US $ 1,800, equivalent to about 1,1400 yuan. The price of a 45mm watch band of the rubber strap is priced at US $ 2050, equivalent to about 12,990 yuan; the bracelet is priced at 2,250 US dollars, equivalent to about RMB 14,260; the whole titanium strap is priced at US $ 2550, equivalent to about 16,160 yuan.

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