One daily coffee-tea fragrance and classic black and white milk collision, instantly appease the hot summer heat

When various tea drinks gradually occupy the cold drink industry in Bincheng summer,

But some people love that cup of “Hong Kong Grandma”!

They never care about any pearl pudding milk cover coconut fruit,


There is no sweet choice,

What they want is the collision of tea fragrance and classic black and white milk ~

Belly and silky taste

Instantly appease the hot summer heat

Huachang Ice Room

A Hong Kong -style milk tea snack bar.

Although it is a small store, there is also a strong Hong Kong style,

The small card is the feel of the tea restaurant in the typical Hong Kong movie,


The green tone is quite fresh.

“Hong Kong -style”

In the weather, I specially asked the Hong Kong -style crickets of the Bingbing,

Half -half stockings milk tea, half coffee taste,

Not very sweet, some coffee bitter fragrance,

The overall taste is still quite thick,

And with ice cubes, it is particularly cool.


“Pomegranate Youle”

The color of the powder is pretty girl, it is a refreshing sweetness,


And there is a kind of sour and sweet taste, which is also good overall.

“Cheese Eggs”


The egg baked is crispy and crispy,

Be sure to eat while it is hot, the skin is crispy, and the inside is soft,


The fragrance of heat is great.


Cheese has a salty aroma, which is particularly good with the fragrance of eggs.

Address: Before Suning Tesco, No. 500 Huangpu Road, Gaoxin Park, Dalian City

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