“Korean version of NANA” Cui Sura, why can he debut in the C position in the fashion circle?

The CFDA Fashion Award is recently held as scheduled.


Seeing the heroine of “Squid Game” on the red carpet, Zheng Haoyan, and took a close photo with the sister Zedaya.


That night, Zheng Haoyan was wearing Louis Vuitton’s 2022 spring and summer series.

The simple and atmospheric ball head, the whole is very refreshing.


Zheng Haoyan, who unlocked LV cooperation, obviously fashion resources have risen again.


Coincidentally, this look is also performed by Korean supermodel Cui Sura in the show.

Zheng Haoyan also debuted as a model, and his facial features were absolutely high -level.

We also wrote her life story before:


Except for her, the limelight of South Korea’s supermodels in the fashion industry in recent years cannot be underestimated.


The most conspicuous performance is Cui Sura mentioned above.


Throughout this year, the cover of the Korean mainstream fashion magazine can see her.

Cui Sura, known as the “Korean version of NANA”, was full of dark rebellion when she appeared.


The wedding is very unusual black wedding dresses.

This color is also her favorite color.


As long as she is familiar with the fashion circle, she must have watched the street shooting outside her show.

At that time, the wedding place was in Bali, and her husband was a photographer for himself.


The overall wedding tone is warm and cool.


The relatives and friends who came to participate were very relaxed, and the screen was full of sweet atmosphere.

Cui Sura, who was originally black Gothic, chose a full black dress very personally.

In a lot of white bridesmaid skirts, it looks particularly dazzling.

The bridesmaid group invited the entire Korean supermodel army, namely: Hyun Ji Shin, YOON Young Bae, SOHYUN JUNG and Hee Jung.

All are the most famous faces in the Korean modeling industry.

The skirt is Prada2019 autumn and winter series small black skirts. The original black lace on the skirt was improved into a veil.

The iconic Chocker is the same as the black lace socks. It is really a very cool bride.


The look of another nude suspender skirt is also very impressive.

Even the big red flowers on the hair have a little more fashionable sense of fashion.

It is indeed a professional photographer, and the lens feels wonderful.


Later, on the afterparty, the two replaced the couple’s big T -shirt.

Laughing and blowing out the candle on the cake together, I wanted to applaud them across the screen.

Everyone has fun.

How can the supermodels make a big blockbuster on the spot?


At the beginning, it was said that Sora Choi Cui Sura is currently a representative of the Korean supermodel.


The catwalk transcript of the spring and summer 2019 fashion week is enough to hang a crowd of Asian supermodels.


The total number of catwalks is 35 games, even if it is placed in the global supermodel, it is the level of TOP2.


The “Xiuba Ranking” of Liu Wen and He Cong was directly refreshed.


Before, Cui Sura, Liu Wen and He Cong both cooperated, and the relationship was also good.

In addition, various blockbusters also shot.


Many of the latest advertising blockbusters of many blue blood can be found.

Not to mention the fashion magazine.

Turning over, it is the level of top issues.

Although it looks full of scenery now, in fact, Cui Sura’s supermodel road is not going smoothly.

At the earliest, Cui Sura did not debut as a supermodel.


For the first time, she met with you in the MV “Gentleman” of Uncle Bird, playing a bikini beauty.


Maybe a facial features of Danfeng Eye+Faces are not suitable for the Korean entertainment industry.


Cui Sura, who turned around, decided to participate in the popular model draft variety show at the time: “Challenge! Super Model Korea”

Similar to the United States “National Supermodel” and domestic “Love in Supermodel”.

Everyone should know this variety show. In order to attract the heat and attention, the editing methods must be very online.


Among the contestants in the same period, Cui Sura was very picky, both personal conditions and the ability to make a show.

But in the overall Asian environment since ancient times, too ambitious girls have never been pleasing.


Cui Sula, who took the champion, became very ambitious and maliciously edited, which became a person who had no choice but to succeed, causing a lot of attacks.

Even when he was privately out of the street after the game, he was still trapped in the audience in the show and wounded his face.

Later, regardless of her injuries, she insisted on participating in business activities a few days later, covering her face with a thick foundation.

Perhaps from that time, this bone was a girl who was unconvinced and lost, and she was destined to show their feet in the fashion circle.

Obviously, the girl who came from the beginning to the end, suddenly became a fashion darling at the international show.


The major magazines used the “magical upper speed” to report her.

With the forces of the entire Korean model, in the past two years, it has gradually spread in the international fashion circle.

And the girl does pay a lot for her career.


Height is 179cm Cui Sura, with only 46kg weighing throughout the year.

She once PO on social media, a day of diet during her fashion week:


Three packs of fruit and vegetable nutrient solution and a nutritional supplies.

While sharing your diet with you, you will also call on everyone not to learn her.

It means that because you often need to lose weight and lose weight, your body will have problems such as allergies and dry skin, and it will hurt the stomach and intestines.

He will say to the girl who wants to learn her to lose weight:


“You are different from my work. There is really no need to eat like me. Good health is the most important.”

After finishing the catwalk work, I will gradually return to the dinner. When I eat the first meat, I am happy to cry.

It is really a rational and kind girl.


At the same time, I said earlier that Cui Sula’s personal service style is the most eye -catching label.

The style of supermodels is actually very good in back and forth. It is all the ease of Easy Chic.


But Cui Sura’s dark punk’s even Gothic style dressing style is really rare even in the supermodel circle.

Many people say that she hit her face Mu Ziyang:

Most of the clothes out of the street are pure black.

With white shirts and big red lips, it is basically “the most eye -catching among the crowd.”


This kind of single product that has been repeatedly abandoned by the fashion circle of loose cakes, can “turn over the serfs to sing” on her.

This style is also related to the anime characters she liked since she was a child.

Cui Sura had shared in an interview and liked Masaki Nana in the comic “Nana” when he was a child.


So looking at many of her private server style, she often feels the taste of Nana.

Every time Cui Sura appeared outside the show, she was destined to be leaked by fashion photographers.

Well, it is also a big journal Feel.

The photos taken are also an atmosphere than one.

Especially this kind of photos of the smoke rings, inexplicably thought of Kate Moss, which was cigarette in the 1990s.

When she is not working, she will occasionally try her plain styling style.


It looks like a playful and fashionable little girl around me in an instant


Simple sports style dress is also very suitable for her.

Style style adaptability is strong.


In fact, compared with her earliest photos of her debut, she can find the importance of finding the right style.


The same is a single eyelid face, and the dresses of Korean aesthetics will appear inconspicuous. As a result, after transforming into a punk beautiful girl according to their favorite style, it is even more amazing than cosmetic surgery.

So I still say that, looking for the most suitable route that suits you, it is much easier and more likely to be more easy to be more unsuitable than hard recesses.

I do n’t know what surprises will I bring us after this girl who often makes it unexpected?

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