The hand -made men’s stick needle round neck cashmere sweater, which is warmer than bought (with tutorial)

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Neutral colors, simple patterns, high -quality wires, warm and comfortable feel, which has achieved the beautiful clothes of this middle -aged uncle

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(Meiwen comes from San Mao, “The clouds are light and light, and the long water is long flowing is love”))

Originally, I wanted to weave a Mi Shuai for my uncle. When I woven it, it was troublesome, and it was troublesome, so it became like this. This looks very good, I like it very much, and my uncle also likes it.


1. Line: 510 grams of LP cashmere, 28 4 shares woven.


2. Use needle: Domestic Sanyan No. 10 knitted on the body, No. 12 knitted thread.


3. Deliven size: Breast 衣 120cm, clothing length 76cm

4. Weaving process:


(1) Patriotic needle 150 stitches 150 knitted single thread 36 lines, replaced with 140 rows of titles No. 10. The front sheet is exactly the same as the back film.

(2) No. 12 needle 70 knitted sleeve single thread 30 lines, replace the No. 10 knitting pin, add a needle per six lines, add a needle on the left and right, and weave the required length. I woven 138 lines and the total number of sleeves was 116 stitches.

(3) Four slices, 5 stitches on each side of each piece are separated and needed. That is to say, 10 stitches are sutured on both sides of the sleeve and body. At this time, the front and rear films were 140 stitches and 106 stitches on each sleeve.


(4) Before weaving, the clothes are divided into 4 parts, and each tendon is left with 2 stitches.

Simple graphics diagram

(5) In the first lap, a circle of stitches, 4 stems weave down the needle. In the second lap, a lap was knitted, and one needle was collected on both sides of the 4 stems, and a total of 8 stitches were collected. The third circle is weaved up and the needle is woven by 4 stems. In the fourth lap, the needle was knitted, and one needle was collected on both sides of the 4 stems, and a total of 8 stitches were collected.

(6) Start the osmanthus needle, remember that 4 stems are always weaving, each two rows are collected at about 4 stems, and the pattern is 10cm long, and then repeated (5).


(7) After weaving the two rows, start the first round trip.

Let me briefly talk about the round -trip method. In the middle of the film, the mark is linked. The first line of woven is 14 stitches on the left and right of the marks. After each trip, I woven 8 stitches than the previous one. Due to the reasons for the number of pads, maybe two more needles, maybe less 2 stitches, these are all right, all can be. If the difference is far away, you can adjust the number of needles between the round -trip, such as 6 stitches, 7 stitches, and so on.


(8) After the round -trip is completed, the shoulder of the woven garden, weave 2 rows, and perform the needle for the first time. I receive a needle every 8 stitches.

Woven 8 lines to close the second time, one needle every 7 stitches, and one needle every 6 needles next time, and so on. After 5 times, I took the second round trip.

(9) The most important difference between the second round -trip class and the first round -trip class is that this round trip to half of the total number of needles.

(10) The last needle was closed. At this time, there were 138 stitches left, and 2 rows of stitches were woven. Here weaving a few rows of stitches are very free. It is mainly to see if the Yuk part meets the required size.

(11) Weaving 2 rows on the needle. The reason for my weaving is just because I think it looks better. Take a closer look at the effect of the needle on the weaving 2 line:

Compared with the process chart I took, I woven the needle at the beginning, and I felt that it was not good -looking.


(12) Change the No. 12 knitted single thread, and the height of the collar you want to the height of the collar you want. Put the needle on the needle on the second line on the back of the collar and close the needle together.

• END •

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