2021 Popular bag collection, catch up with the trend of fashion

2020 real “rat” is not easy, 2021 cattle turn around.

After working hard for a year, send yourself a bag to work, after all


“Bag” to treat all diseases


Well. The so -called cure of all diseases is not only as simple as solving daily commuting. As the best item for wearing, it is more good. Different occasions are matched with different bags,

Fashion and practical

Coexistence shows the unique taste and charm of women!

As the finishing touch of the overall match, women can’t restrain their obsession with the bag. Today I will share with you what kind of bags to choose a daily necessities and can be installed.


Can be installed


Woolen cloth?

What are the popular bags?

1. Crowded crossbag

The oblique cross -bag is a modern item, and the styling is equipped with sufficient capacity at the same time.



Coexisting, easily appearing in various occasions, so -called a bag that is said to go away.

The outer plastic is elegant, and the inside is tolerant

You can easily match your year and four seasons, elegant and exquisite and fashionable, properly eye -catching items!

A highly recognizable messenger bag is superb, and you can easily control any clothes. It is so beautiful that you are screaming, making you the brightest babies in this street! In general, liberating the oblique crossbag of our hands, simple atmosphere is very very atmospheric


, To be satisfied




Women, suitable


Little girl!


2. Hand bag

Hand in hand because of it

Small and exquisite


The characteristics of the elegant and elegant, just right sense of high -level sense, integrated into the life of modern urban women, is very stylish. It is favored by many business women and is also in the fashion circle.

Most popular

The single product.

As a real decoration, there are many styles that can be selected in handbags. A suitable hand bag is not too complicated to modify it. It is matched with a design -like evening dress to let you be in the crowd

stand out




The underarm bag can be said to be from this year’s fashion circle

New pet

No matter what style of women you go, the underarm bag will become your heart love. Regardless of whether it is formal suit or elegant skirt, it is undoubtedly a must -have for the stylish street shots.


The underarm bag is suitable for daily commuting and concave shape, especially in autumn and winter with a coat or trench coat, which can make you beautiful and stubborn. Don’t miss you in the pursuit of fashion!

4, backpack

Practical and minimalist shoulder bags are modern workers

Just need

Because of the large -capacity characteristics, the sudden interim office needs are solved to a certain extent, both business trips or business travel. The most important thing is the shoulder strap

Saving and comfortable

, To a large extent relieve the burden on the shoulders.

The versatile and versatile face value, the perfect and practical and simple backpack of work travel has a unique casual fashion sense, and there is a full back with a full back of the idol heroine. A backpack that satisfies the face value and practical shoulder, easy to relax



It makes people love it!

How to choose a popular bag?

1. Material

① ① ① 牛 牛

Crucket material bag



If you have both, you can feel its delicate and smooth, and the feel is relatively soft. It will not be deformed by how to pinch. It is indeed a variety of big names.

Royal fabric

Because after work, everyone will consider its texture and practicality, and a beautiful cowhide bag can meet all your needs, too much

Suitable for

The commuting office is a woman, and it can highlight the texture after the eye -catching!

②PVC material

Recently, PVC -made bags are too popular. The cost is cheap and the finished products are beautiful. In fact, PVC is one of our common plastic bags, so it is an environmental protection series, which is why it is very popular. Of course, it is absolutely inseparable from its own advantages such as lightness and rich colors.


However, PVC’s bag is not strong, so its practicality is not highly used to install heavier items. Fashion bloggers favored such bags when shooting on the street because a high -gloss PVC bag can perfectly highlight themselves.


Sense of fashion

, The naked eye looks like a flash.

③ Cordylona material

I made a fluffy core velvet bag, it was easy to see the flying up,



Warm and soft

, Feel very good, the classic core velvet fabrics can be displayed with any clothing


Style, you have such a bag on your back. You are fashionable.

The ingredients of the core velvet are very autumn and winter. The rich fluff, which makes the entire bag feel warm and delicate, very thick and dense, super comfortable. Ordinary materials are not comparable. The overall matching looks high -level. , Earn enough to turn back!

2. Color


① Blush red

Most women now have no resistance to wine red!

It’s not gorgeous and durable


There is a kind of arrogant and gorgeous temperament. The super -righteous wine red, the New Year’s back is just right, it can be said that it is


New Year’s Battle Pack

It can easily hold various occasions!

② brown


In the deep autumn and winter seasons, brown bags


Versatile and conspicuous

, Absolutely elegant. Whether it is a trench coat or coat, it can be harmonious how to make it.

Gentle and advanced

Unique temperament.

③ Creamy white


The fairy -fluttering cream white bag is really impossible to resist. It can be fairy and beautiful, full of French romance. And creamy white bags are very tested, and the gentleness of round and rich cream color is also very very gentle.



④ black

Black is comparison in daily matching



s color. When you are in a hurry to go out, there is no time to match it carefully, a classic versatile black bag is undoubtedly our first choice.


Low -key

The effect of black matching is definitely satisfied with you, let alone how much it is!

3. Close method

① zipper type


The zipper -type bag is closed and the safety index is high. Compared with the comparison


And its softness is better, and the tolerance is more practical. However, it takes a long time to easily displace and damage.


② magnetic buckle

The magnetic buckle bag uses two magnetic movies. It can be automatically adsorbed without pressing force and not needing it.


, But the safety factor is relatively high.


The design -like bag with a strong sense of design brings a stylish and special feeling from the style.


The taste is rich. However, it is not so convenient to use. It needs to be particularly accurate to close each time, and it is easy to friction when the closed closed closed is repeatedly pulled off, causing the leather to fall off.

How to put on a popular bag?


1. Color matching

① Same color matching

The most “lazy” color combination is the shallow of the same color system, it looks like

Simple and clean

In fact, it also contains a small sense of “mind” to make a sense of high level.

② Comparison color matching

By virtue of color


The characteristics of a relaxed and dynamic visual impact are given. Of course, the comparison is too strong to give people a dazzling feeling, but after appropriate reconciliation, it will leave an extremely



③ neutral color matching

The more common neutral colors like black and white and gray make people look pleasing and comfortable to the eye. No matter what occasions attending, it is not easy to make mistakes.

Stable and elegant

2. Body matching

① Pear shape

Because the body characteristics of the waist are wider than the shoulder, when choosing, try to choose some shoulder straps length



Bag, let the entire bag be in

Crotch above

② Hourglass body

With a small waist -type figure, there are not many requirements for the choice of bag type. You can choose according to your own wear. You can try to put the position of the bag in

Lower body

③ Apple shape

The slightly rounded apple -shaped figure, the shoulders and thighs are narrower than the chest and waist, so you should use as little as possible like a backpack, and expose the shortcomings of the figure.


④ H -shaped figure

The H -shaped figure with similar proportion of measurements can highlight the curve of which location of the bag, so put the bag as much as possible when matching

Waist position

It will modify the waist curve more perfectly.




① workplace


It should not be exaggerated in the choice of bags in the office, which is more important to highlight the mature and professional temperament. Try to choose as much as possible, design comparison


Comparison in color


② party

Social occasions like this, you must win with your own unique charm, so eye -catching will look particularly important. Secondly, your dressing and the choice of bags should highlight your own



It is more suitable for choosing some special colors of bags,


Can’t be too gorgeous but elegant enough

③ date

It is relatively easy to go shopping with friends, so you can choose some in the choice of bags.



The style, color selection

Light -colored

It looks comfortable and relaxed enough, full of affinity.

A perfect match can allow you to deal with various occasions easily, and the bag is used as the overall match


It seems particularly important. Today, I mainly share with you the types, choices and matching of 2021 popular bags. After reading this article, have you gained a lot?













Unique temperament.

Low -key

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