Warm -keeping underwear is not suitable for everyone

Du Qianjun, deputy chief physician of the Health Management Clinic of Xiangya Hospital of Zhongnan University

Warm -keeping underwear is a must -have for cold days, but its materials and thickness are different. Some types are not suitable for everyone to wear.

The elderly, children, sweating and dry skin should not choose warm underwear with the inner layer of fluff. The fluffy is mostly made of polyester fiber. It has a good wave -proof, good thermal insulation, and soft and comfortable. It is suitable for wearing it. However, polyester fiber is humid and breathable. In the dry environment, friction with the skin is easy to generate static electricity, which can cause dampness, dry skin, and itching. Especially the elderly’s skin secretion is less oil, the stratum corneum is dry, and the skin is dehydrated; the child’s skin is tender, and the polyester fiber may cause damage to it. In the same way, these people should not wear polyester fiber underwear. It is best to choose a cotton underwear with good breathability and sweat -absorbing.


People with allergic rhinitis, asthma, pulmonary heart disease and other medical history should pay attention to the formaldehyde content of warm underwear when purchasing. During clothing dyeing and softening, formaldehyde enters the textile fabric from a organizer, and can invade the human body through the skin or respiratory tract to stimulate and damage the mucous membrane and skin. Formaldehyde stimulates the conjunctiva of the eye, increases the frequency of children’s blinks, causing habitual blinks; for the elderly, it can induce pulmonary heart disease and aggravate respiratory diseases. Therefore, it is best to spend the water first after buying the warm underwear, which can remove formaldehyde to a certain extent. In addition, some unqualified dark -colored warm underwear may contain the disabled decomposable aromatic amine dyes. It is colorless and tasteless, insoluble in water, and the carcinogenicity is far stronger than formaldehyde.

Patients with tumors, cardiovascular incompleteness, hemorrhagic diseases, and new scars should be cautious to wear infrared warm underwear. Far infrared rays can be used in medicine to relieve pain, improve blood circulation, relieve muscle cramps and anti -inflammatory, etc. Some warm underwear use this as a selling point. These people who cannot contact infrared rays for a long time should be worn less or not. ▲

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