What kind of car to drive and what table, all those who drive Mercedes -Benz likes Rolex.

Both cars and watches are full of mechanical charm, and it is also an item that makes male compatriots particularly fascinated. Only one good car or only one good watch is incomplete, so we can often see some rich people. Although cars and watches have something in common, because the brands and styles are different in different styles, they are easy to conflict if they are not careful.



Mercedes -Benz and Rolex are unique. The timing of the Rolex watch is very similar to the Mercedes -Benz logo, so it is also called Mercedes -Benz needle. In 1898, Mrs. Curie discovered radioactive elements radium, mixed radium and zinc sulfide. Zinc sulfide could glow without sunlight. It can be used on the table needle even when he reached out without seeing five fingers at night.

However, because the length and width of the timing and the minute hand are similar, it is difficult to quickly identify the current time, so the watch providers began to work hard on the shape. Rolex divided into three fan -shaped appearances in the interior of a circle, which improved a lot of recognition. It is very similar to Mercedes -Benz’s trigabinal tram.



Porsche is a noble in the car brand, and Audemars Piguet is a rising star in the watch industry. The new and old aristocrats complement each other, neither look too local nor lost their identities. Everyone knows that a Porsche moves millions, and I do n’t know that the Audemars Piguet watch on the owner is as high as hundreds of thousands.

Bentley-Bailian Spirit

Both brands are based on English letters B as the logo, and since the marriage between the two sides in 2002. The central control mechanical watches equipped by Bentley’s models are all from the Bailian Spirit brand, which means that it can also be accurately calculated in extreme sports.


In addition to the more typical ones mentioned above, like driving Zita Cars like to wear Omega, the popular flag cars like to wear Patek Philippe, people who drove Volvo like to wear sea horses, etc. Many editors are not listed one by one. What kind of cars do you usually drive? Which watch do you like to match, you may wish to analyze with everyone.


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