Cooking tea in winter, iron pots, pottery pots, glass pots, spray pots, how to choose?

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In a very early article, someone left a message.

“Cooking tea in winter, what will happen to the spray pot?”

To be honest, it is not recommended.

Due to the need for work evaluation, the village aunt Chen purchased a variety of tea pots.

But spray pots rarely appear on weekdays.

The reason is that it is not practical enough.

When friends drinking tea together, I talked about this topic.


On the spot, some people quickly said, giving some interesting insights.


“When I did n’t buy it, it feels very necessary. After buying, you will find that it is more chicken ribs. Do n’t cook tea, waste the function, and buy it just idle. But it’ s difficult to clean up and organize it after cooking. The teapot, the middle iron pipe is too hindered, it can’t be cleaned at all! “

There is a certain reason for these words.

However, the village aunt Chen did not recommend spraying pot to boil tea, and there were other reasons.


The spray pots on the market are all kinds of color and variety.

Yes, as mentioned in the beginning, there will be an iron pillar in the middle.

It cannot be removed and it is difficult to clean.

Also, comes with separate steam -type funnels.

Even at the same time, you can take into account steaming and cooking tea at the same time.

When steaming tea, a steam -type funnel is set in the pot with tea leaves above. The hot steam can be connected in the middle to slowly push the tea flavor.


When cooking tea, change to a supporting element and put a cylindrical filter frame.

After putting in the tea leaves, you can cook the tea regularly, which is particularly convenient.

This common spray pot on the Internet, to some extent, is more like an upgraded version of tea -breaking health pot.

In contrast, there are many things in common.

First, they often use electricity to heat and bring their own heating base.

Second, most of them use the established procedures to cook tea. After the switch is put on the switch, tea will be made in accordance with the fixed time.

Third, the spray pots and health pots on the market are generally large.

Persons with a height of about 1L are everywhere, and the feel is heavy.

Fourth, most of them are designed with single -ear handles, which are more strong.

It is different from the health pot.


The tea heating mode of the spray pot is boiled in water, and the water vapor or boiling water rose upwards. Like the waves hit the reef, it urged the release of the tea flavor.

After a pot of tea is steamed or cooked, you can lift the inner biliary and place it.

The tea in the pot can maintain a paid temperature at 55 ° C after the heat preservation function.

Looking at the general review,


Such spray pots are convenient for tea, but there is a sense of exquisiteness.


The variability is too poor.

When you cast too much tea, cook tea according to the fixed period of time, and you will cook the tea flavor.


In addition, this large -capacity single -ear pot looks clumsy. When there is only one or two people drinking tea, there is no need to use such a large pot!

Finally, if you are cooking tea, you just pursue convenience, saving, and simple operations.

It is okay to choose such a spray pot.

If it is the tea soup taste of tea soup.

This kind of spray pot is not recommended to cook tea directly.

After all, the large pot is boiled in tea, and the mode is single.

Due to poor flexibility, it is difficult to cook the stunning tea soup.



Old tea guests who are quite particular about tea will prefer the boiled tea pot separated from the pot body and base.

In this way, it is more conducive to the exhibition of the tea cooking process.

When cooking tea, heating furnaces and tea pots need to be used for use.

Heating furnaces, such as pottery stoves, charcoal stoves, alcohol furnaces, etc.

Of course, for modern life, it is more inconvenient to use light fire in the room.

Still use

Electric ceramic furnace is more worry -free and versatile.

The choice of teapot is colorful.


As far as the private collection of the village aunt Chen is concerned.



The reason for it at the time was nothing else, because it was delicate enough.


Put it in a sting, and it will have the taste of ancient style and ancient charm for a while.

It is reminiscent of the classic “red mud small furnace”, which looks very warm.

When cooking tea, it can be heated directly with bright fire.

Of course, you can also use an electric pot furnace to heat it.

The pots and bottoms of the sand are relatively rough. When placed on the desktop, as much as possible, put it lightly as possible to avoid scraping solid wood countertops.

Iron kettle.

This is a Japanese -style cast iron pot brought by friends from abroad in the early years.


The shape of the pot is very classic and atmospheric.

When I first got it, I was fresh and strong, and I also used it to burn the tea with water.

Later, because the iron pot was too thick, it was not said that the heating rate was very slow.

So he slowly worked out, and continued to use a valley stainless steel kettle, which was fast and heated.

Having said that, when it comes to cooking tea, iron pots are not suitable.

Because part of the elements in the tea will react with the iron.

The cooked tea soup is dull and weird.

In terms of expansion, in addition to iron pots, many metal pots are difficult to maintain, rust, high prices, and unreasonable.


Many times, after they buy it home, the ending ending is just reduced.

That’s the case, you need to choose carefully before starting!


Pot pot.


On the live broadcast last week, this pot was still out of the mirror.

From the perspective of the overall shape, this pot looks stunned.

The pot is round and the capacity is large.

However, the water burning speed of this “big fat pier pot” is particularly slow.

When cooking tea, if there are not many people drinking tea, it is recommended to change a small teapot.

at last,

Among the different shapes of tea pots, the most purchased number of purchases is the glass pot (no base).

When it comes to the cooking of tea in modern life, the glass pot is more applicable.

The glass is transparent to observe the tea cooking in the pot.

It can be monitored in real time to avoid cooking the tea soup too thick.

In addition, the glass material is tight and will not suck incense.

There is no metal and soil flavor in itself, and it is better to restore good tea color!

In addition, the glass material is smooth and clean, it is easy to take care of it, and it will not rust.

Wipe it gently with a sponge, and you can be as clean as new.

If you feel that the surface of the glass pot is easy to leave water stains, it is not clean.

Then, it is recommended to use sponge. Of course, nano -wipes will be better.

After a careful scrubbing, the pot can be lit to the eyes.


Finally, choosing high -borosilic glass pots with heat -resistant high -temperature resistance will be more worry -free to use and not easy to burst.


There are many types of glass boiled teapots. How should ordinary tea customers choose?

In addition to mentioned earlier, there are many details worth paying attention to the heating of the pot with a base. In addition, there are many details worthy of attention.

One of them,

Do you want to choose the inner bilots?

There are many types of glass boiling teapots, which can be divided into two categories.

Filter rack inner biliary, and steamed tea funnel inner biliary.

Among them, do you need to choose the inner orch?

The pot with a filter function, when cooking tea, the tea leaves will not be covered everywhere.

After cooking a pot of tea, if you are worried that the tea will be stuffy, you can also lift the inner bilots and place it.

As for whether the tea steaming function is mainly depends on personal preferences.

In general, steaming tea is more time -consuming and inefficient. The degree of tea flavor is not as good as making tea directly.

The pot without the inner bilots is relatively simple, but the advantage is that tea and hot water are in contact with zero distance. In a short period of time, you can immerse more tea flavors!


Which one is better?

Single -ear pots are more common in home pots. Most of its materials are composed of plastic, which is convenient for anti -scalding. However, in the teapot, single ear pots are not common.

The side pot can hold the pot with one hand from the side to facilitate the anti -scalding. But when choosing, the handle of the pot must be closely connected with the pot body. Otherwise, once the handle is uneven and falls out, it is too embarrassing.

Liangliang pot, the overall shape is more antique, but it should be noted that the lid can not be unveiled when it is very hot. Be careful when using it. When necessary, you can use a tea scarf to pad it on your hand, and then pour tea.


How big is the capacity?

This does not require too much hesitation and entanglement, depending on the number of tea drinking people on weekdays.

There are few people, choose small pots.

Only one or two people drink tea, so choose a 400-600 ml pot, which is more than enough.

There are many people, choose a large pot.

There are often more than four or five people drinking tea at the same time. Of course, you have to choose a pot of more than 800 milliliters to be enough.

However, whether the capacity is large or small, pay attention to the water injection line when cooking tea.

Once the pot is exceeded, it is easy to overflow after boiling!


Previously, there was a tea friend to leave a message.

“Choosing a glass pot is a headache. Most pots are put in more water, and the water meets through the pot mouth. Put less water, but not completely soaked in tea …”

From the content of the message, this is obviously the design of the teapot.

When your water injection line does not exceed the pot mouth, there is no risk of overflowing.

For this reason, when buying a pot, it is recommended to start from the channel and reputation.

Lin Qingxuan wrote such a tea -boiled scene in the article:

“When my father entertained the guest when he was a kid, he would put a charcoal stove in the middle of a large table, which was a teapot. The happiest memory of childhood was to drink tea around his father …”

It is true that the winter is coming, which is a good time to cook tea.

Boil tea in the stove, gossip.

There are warm tea in hand, why is the long winter?

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