Nanjing People’s Defense Release: From July 10th, it will be open for free

Nanjing People’s Defense Release

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Announcement of Open Naval Project

6 Personal defense engineering as a cooling point

Free to citizens

Citizens are leisurely in Nenuna in the Arctic Rock Human Defense Project. Cui Xiao Photo

Entering the summer, the temperature gradually increased. In order to give full play to the function of the Pingfu combination of civil air defense projects and allow the citizens to better settle in the summer, according to the annual work plan of the Municipal People’s Defense Office, 6 people in the city will be opened for free to citizens as a cooling point.

1. Name and place name and place

1. Arctic Rock Human Defense Project (Venue: Chicken Temple, Xuanwu District)

2. Yuhuashan Civil Defense Project (Location: Next Gate of Yuhua Martyrs Cemetery in Yuhuatai District)

3. Public Defense Project in Shangyi Ercun (Place: Meishan Shangyi Ercun District)


4. Lions Mountain Civil Defense Project (Location: Port No. 4 Lion Rock No. 4 in Gulou District)

5. Princes Mountain Park Civil Defense Project (Location: No. 338, Garden East Road, River Industrial Development Zone, Liuhe District)

6. Pineapple Mountain Civil Defense Project (Location: No. 229, Guangzhou Road, Gulou District)

The leading zinc -silver mine in Qixia District is due to poor surrounding construction. In order to ensure safety, it is suspended this year.

2. Opening time

It is planned on July 10, 2021. It will be adjusted as appropriate for other reasons.

In principle, the open period is from 9: 00-17: 00. The cooling points can be adjusted as appropriate according to the actual situation, but it must not be lower than the above time period. The specific opening period should be posted or hung in a prominent position at the cooling point.

Special announcement

Nanjing People’s Air Defense Office

July 6, 2021

Is it cool together?

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