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As the temperature drops, people pay more attention to warmth, and warm underwear enters the peak sales season. Pure cotton, wool, silk, nylon, virtue … The material of warm underwear is dazzling. How to choose warm underwear? What should I pay attention to when buying? On October 28, the reporter visited some shopping malls and underwear stores in Qibin District.

In autumn and winter clothing “star”, except for down jackets are warm underwear. The reporter saw in a large supermarket in Qibin District that there are many types of thermal underwear in the clothing area, including velvet and thick models, virtue, and nominal “hyaluronic acid”. “The sales of thermal lingerie in Germany are very good and the price is relatively high.” The staff of the clothing area introduced that this year’s warm underwear has been upgraded in style, especially children’s models. Since the weather has become cold in mid -October, there are many customers who choose to keep warm underwear every day. The demand for consumers has gradually increased. Most of the warm underwear sold on the sale is now on the shelves around the National Day. On the morning, she received a total of twenty or thirty customers.

The reporter saw in the two underwear stores in Pedestrian Street that there are many styles of warm underwear, including high -collar, low -neck, semi -high collar, wearing inside, outside, sleeve, sleeve, thick, medium and thick There are also many materials, and children’s warm underwear is made of pure cotton.


The reporter found that some warm underwear looked very good, but the feel was a bit rough, and the elasticity of thermal underwear was not very good. Many consumers believe that this is a promotional gimmick for manufacturers and sellers for the warm underwear that contains “hyaluronic acid” and “spontaneous heating”.

The staff of the product quality department of the Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Reminder that whether heating underwear can “spontaneously heat” and whether it contains special materials, it needs to be tested. Consumers should not trust the promotional gimmick.

How to choose warm underwear? Wang Wanying, an engineer of the Municipal Fiber Inspection Institute, gave some suggestions: pay attention to check the logo and tag of clothes. Generally, the logo and tag of clothes will indicate national production standards. If you do not consider the aesthetic factors, the thicker and warm, the better. If you choose ordinary warm underwear, it is recommended to use cashmere as the best, and a small amount of cashmere fabric can be added.

Buying warm underwear should pay attention to products with excellent brand and good reputation. It is good for the soft and comfortable fabrics, light weight, good elasticity, and warmth.


Consumers should choose rationally, compare the cost -effective product, don’t think that the more expensive the better. It is also necessary to correctly identify the content of the advertisement, and don’t blindly trust the so -called high -tech concept.

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At first glance, two touches, four trials, five trials

In order to avoid the traps in the warm -keeping underwear market, you must watch, touch, listen, try, and choose when buying warm underwear.

Look at the fabric: The quality of a piece of fabric inside and outside the underwear is the key to affecting its comfort. At present, the warm underwear on the market can be divided by high, medium, and low -grade. The fabrics they use are 40 whole cotton, 32 whole cotton, polyester cotton (cotton content is 30%to 40%), and pure chemical fiber, etc., etc., pure chemical fiber, etc. Among them, the surface layers of the inside and outside all use more than 40 all -cotton products. Its softness, fineness, breathability, and luster are good, and they will not get the ball after washing. The phenomenon of silk and silk.

Listen to the sound: The old -fashioned warm underwear is used to add a layer of ultra -thin thermal melting film (commonly known as PVC plastic film) to enhance the wind resistance ability, but this product is easy to make “rusty” sounds and breathable Sex will be affected, and wearing will be “hot and hot”, which is easy to set up electrostatic. The new generation of warm underwear products use new materials and new processes to replace the hot melt film, which basically overcome the above shortcomings. When you buy, you only need to shake gently or rub it with your hands to listen to whether there is a “rustling” sound to judge.

Touching feel: High -quality underwear uses ultra -fine fibers (within 1.2 wire) of the middle insulation layer. The garment is soft and comfortable and has good heating performance. When kneading with your hands, the feel is soft and free of foreign body feel. The intermediate combing and composite process are also more advanced. The surface of the surface of the garment and the intermediate is strong, and the dressing performance is better.

Trial elasticity: The new generation of thermal underwear is developing multifunctional development to health care, antibacterial, etc., and pays more attention to the development of new products that conform to the contemporary aesthetic concept of human curve. One of the breakthroughs is to make the heating underwear have excellent return to elasticity. This underwear is added to the fabric and the substrate. The lining core layer uses a highly elastic polymer polymer. Although the price is higher than that of ordinary products, it is well -behaved on the body. freely.

Selected brands: Underwear produced by well -known enterprises, from the selection of raw materials, spinning, weaving, dyeing, composite, sewing, sewing to inspection factories, all links and processes need to be strictly controlled to make the product’s heating rate, breathability, antibacterial, elasticity of antibacterial, elasticity Elimination of various indicators meet the standards. Consumers buy warm underwear, first look at the price, and at the same time, they should pay attention to the products of the company with strong strength, excellent brand, and outstanding goodwill to ensure that there is no worries after purchasing. (According to Baidu)

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