Living room background wall wallpaper how much is the big analysis

In home improvement design, the TV background wall has become the “focus” of design, and it is also a special space that reflects the personalization of the owner. For the TV background wall, the most important thing is to consider the beauty of part of the shape and the impact on the entire space. So how do you choose the TV background wallpaper?

How much is the living room background wallpaper


Woolen cloth? Below, the editor talks about the price of some specific wallpapers.

“How much is the living room background wall wallpaper”: seamless living room background wall wallpaper

To create a European style, the decoration of the wall must not be ignored. The traditional European style has a kind of aristocratic restraint. Flash silver tribute satin cloth, stitching log non -woven paper, stitching German foam paper, stitching European pearl cloth, stitching German PVC, stitching luxury pearl leather patterns, stitching Korean wheat grass patterns and other characteristic European simplicity wallpapers to embellish the finishing touch of the entire space. effect. The price is per square meter, ¥ 38.00 – ¥ 78.00.


“How much is the living room background wall wallpaper”: the relief living room background wall wallpaper

The relief wallpaper is the foam wallpaper. The foam wallpaper is based on the production process of PVC wallpaper. It is made of PVC paste resin mixed with a foaming agent, and then foamed after printing. This kind of wallpaper looks thicker and soft than ordinary wallpaper. Among them, the surface of the high foam wallpaper is elastic and uneven; the low -foam wallpaper is printed on the foam plane with patterns, such as relief, wood grain, tiles and other effects. For example, the European Damascus wallpaper can perfectly present the 3D three -dimensional ultra -thick relief effect, 10 meters*0.53 meters (CM) each volume ¥ 38.00 – ¥ 58.00.

October 14, 2014

Author: ArticleManager