What top skirt is good -looking in the wave dot skirt

The wave dot is one of the enduring popular elements in the fashion circle, no matter how long it has passed in the past. The retro and age -reducing wave point half -body skirt can improve your temperament. You can give you a sense of formality and elegance. So what top skirt is good for summer wave dot skirts? Next, let’s learn a group of fashionistas’ wave dot skirts.

look1 wine red mid -sleeve+wave dot skirt+saddle buckle white single shoes

Polka dot half -body skirt: this retro port style look, the liquor red center of the top is a casual style. It is very comfortable and textured. The accessories chose a saddle buckle white single shoes and light -colored handbags.

look2 milk white knitted cardigan+wave dot skirt+coffee color pointed small single shoes


Poly -dot half -body skirt: This look is so gentle, it is the street lady in Korean. The wave dot skirt is durable and practical. It is not easy to be outdated. The cardigan is too extra points. It is simple and not vulgar. It is wearing small single shoes with tip of coffee, and the temperament is added.

look3 black T -shirt short -sleeved+wave dot skirt+black canvas shoes


Poly -dot half -body skirt: French retro wave busket skirt with pure black T -shirt short sleeves, perfectly wearing the beauty of Korean drama heroine. At the same time, it is elegant at the same time, commute, dating, shopping is its best choice.


look4 green vest+wave dot half -body skirt+sandals

Poly -dot half -body skirt: This set of fresh and clean summer sense, the top is a green vest, a slightly loose version with laziness, the lower body skirt with the lower body, the fabric is really beautiful, it is really beautiful, With any clean tops, it is very extraordinary, and it must be very eye -catching during holidays.


LOOK5 White Palace Wind Delle+Polka Dot Skirt+Black Retro Maryzhen

Poly -dot half -body skirt: Mi -white palace wind top with wave dot skirt, black and white with super classic, palace sleeve and V -neck design highlight the long neck of women, pearls and small white nails of the neckline exuding girls’ atmosphere, The court pattern lace fairy is full of retro style, and the shoes are paired with cute retro Mary Zhen shoes.

look6 black sweater+wave dot half -body skirt+white high heel

Poly -dot half -body skirt: knitwear and wave dot skirts create a modern sense of fashion. The large wave dot elements are elegant and charming, and retro fairy. The overall temperament of the rice white leather small single shoes has been improved. With the black armpit bag that echoes the upper body, it is the most fashionable young lady.

look7 white knitted half -sleeved+wave dot half -body skirt+white elegant single shoes


Polka dot half -body skirt: The smooth line design of the top of the top can well modify the face shape. The Tibetan blue wave dot skirt will have a soft luster in the sun. It is very suitable for this pleasant afternoon.


look8 black knitted short -sleeved top+beige dot skirt+beige bow slippers

Poly -dot half -body skirt: Black knitted short -sleeved top is soft knitted material, super comfortable, and it is also very thin, the collar is very retro, leaky collarbone is pure and desired; It feels that the hem is very large, the flesh is relatively flesh, and the version is also good. This wave point is designed very daily.


look9 black sweater+wave dot half -body skirt+sandals

Poly -dot half -body skirt: The wave dot is very absolutely wearing in summer. The top is a black knitted flower bud sleeve top with a high -waist wave dot skirt. It has a little Oreo flavor. It is super thin, comes with French laziness and casual.

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