Such a beautiful Hello Kitty is actually a cutting board!

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Okay, the words of the words ↓

这么美的Hello Kitty,居然是个菜板!

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Japan Kyocera Kyochygal Antibacterial Cabinel -HELLO KITTY Limited Model

Every time you make fruit juice or supplementary food for your child, you have to cut the fruits with the cutting boards of the house at home. In fact, don’t think it is really unhygienic!

这么美的Hello Kitty,居然是个菜板!

Home cutting board classification is very important

Now most of the families cut vegetables, fruits and meat are used in the same cutting board. This is very unhygienic, which can easily lead to bacterial hyperplasia, parasitic production, especially the cutting boards after cutting fish and meat, and then go to the cutting boards after cutting fish. In this way, the bacteria enters our body in virtual.

Mainly to give children auxiliary food, pay more attention ~

Why use antibacterial boards?

Because its inorganic antibacterial material can effectively inhibit the bacterial hyperplasia on the surface of the board, it will not be like a cobilizer of wood fibers. There is a gap on it, and the bacteria easily penetrate into it. PP materials, no water absorption, no bacteria, no dirt, and it is easy to clean. SO ~~ It is necessary to get a antibacterial cutting board at home.

Why choose Beijing porcelain: Chinese porcelain:

1. The limited edition of Hello Kitty, not only high value, but also not expensive, it is very suitable for the mapping of Yan control ~

2. Inorganic antibacterial agents are added to the cutting board. It is hygienic when making supplementary food for children. Occasionally, it is also emotional to cut a fruit at home to drink afternoon tea.

3. The cutting board can be bent at will, for example, if the fruits are poured into a supplementary food machine or the juicer will not be made everywhere

4. High temperature resistance is 100 degrees, you can wash it directly with boiling water, disinfection ~

这么美的Hello Kitty,居然是个菜板!

5. It is very textured, which is completely different from those thin, easy -to -broken PP cutting boards.

Show details

The cutting board is only 2mm thick, very thin, and the small hole that can be suspended in the upper right corner can be designed.

Save space and play a decorative role

这么美的Hello Kitty,居然是个菜板!


Similar comparison

Peter rabbit antibacterial board:

The same is made of PP, but they use nano to antibacterial, which is slightly heavier than this one. It cannot be folded, and the meat is not cut or chopped. The price is less than 100. Because there was a group before, the pattern and Beijing porcelain were not a style. You can choose according to your preferences ~

The difference between Peter Rabbit and Kyocera is that the material for antibacterials is different, which is slightly thicker.

这么美的Hello Kitty,居然是个菜板!

Compared to the convenience of Beijing porcelain, it is slightly stronger.

Advantages summary:

这么美的Hello Kitty,居然是个菜板!

1. Inorganic antibacterial material material

2. High face value, cheap

3. The cutting board can be bent at will

4, texture, high temperature resistance

这么美的Hello Kitty,居然是个菜板!


这么美的Hello Kitty,居然是个菜板!

1. The material is PP, and sometimes there will be one piece cut, but what will not do if it is eaten.

2. Can’t use a sharp knife

3. This kind of cutting board is replaced regular

4. Can’t cut hard things (such as bones)

But looking at this face value, this price, buying and cutting fruit at home, looking at it is beautiful ~


1. It is recommended that hemps are used to cut fruits and vegetables and supplement the food for children. Do not cut fresh food

2. It may have some taste just after receiving it. It is recommended to put it in the sun after cleaning

Price: 99 Ocean

There are three colors of red, white, and blue. ↓

This time, the group’s except this

Meng Ting the Sky Cabriers,

There are also very cute kitchen gadgets:

Hello Kitty peeling device (appears above the picture ~), colorless rice dumplings and tumbler rice spoons ….

It is very suitable for Yan control and the numbness of these exquisite small objects, and pay attention to practicality.

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