Is the hidden function of the Mindu three -in -one mini children’s scooter discovered?

Is the hidden function of the Mindu three -in -one mini children’s scooter discovered?

Derived from Swiss original brand

“Micro Reading Migao) is officially upgraded to”


What has not changed is quality, what changes is just the name


Recently, in social media, offline stores and online flagship stores, Mai Mai has received some questions about M-CRO Mai Gumi Sanheyi. Let’s answer questions today. If there are other questions, please leave a message in the comment area below ~


What is the application of a mini three -in -one?

Many children want to have their own Transformers, Mai Guli Sanheyi Slider may satisfy this little wish! One thing and three uses, sit down when you are tired, can from

1 year old to 5 years old

Essence The cost -effective is too high ~


Is the height of the car rod adjustable?

Mindu mini Sanhe has two car rods,

O -type rod and T -type rod.


The height of the T-type pole is 49-67cm adjustable, and the cardless point is more flexible to fit the baby’s height. The O -type rod is used as a seat handle, and 2 gears are highly adjusted.


Can mini Sanheyi and Siheye Paper Paper be universal?


The mini -couple box that has won the Red Dot Design Award can not only be used as a walking tool for children, but also the boxes that can be perfectly stored. Remove the accompanying box, adjust the height of the handle, and change the box to the box to switch to the gliding mode.

The mini triple -in -one car can not be adapted to the four -in -one parallel box

, So it cannot be universal.



Land load?

Mindu mini three -in -one

The seat load is 20kg and the pedal load is 50kg.

5. Is the seat easy to break?


Although Mai Gumi Sanhenian

Light but elastic

Essence The keel is specially designed and is not easy to break. It has a shock absorption function during use. Even if the road is bumpy, it can be absorbed by the seat elasticity, reduce the sense of vibration, and bring a more comfortable cycling experience.


6. Is the seats in front of the seat comfortable?


The narrow and wide U -type seat design is similar to the principle of bicycle seats. Avoid bruising the thigh roots when walking. The smooth boundary design also makes the cycling experience better.

At the same time, children can move more freely and avoid O -type legs during children’s growth and development.


5. Three -in -one Plus adds a foot pad, is there any benefit?

When the child is tired and the parents are implemented, the feet can be placed on the foot pad of Mini 3IN1. The front narrow and wide seat design can make the children sit more comfortably without much obstacles between the thighs.

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Mindu mini three -in -one

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