“Magic stone”? The “mysterious” return after the 1 -ton heavy stone of the US Forest Park disappeared for one month

“Magic stone”? The “mysterious” return after the 1 -ton heavy stone of the US Forest Park disappeared for one month

2019-11-05 15:53 ​​Zhang Xiaoya

[Global Network Reporter Zhang Xiaoya] Disappearing overnight, and suddenly mysterious return? It is located in the “mysterious” boulder weighing 1 ton in the National Forest Park, Arizona, which is full of “bizarre” colors …

The United States CNN (CNN) tells such a magical story on the 5th: a 1 -ton stone disappeared without a trace for a month, and suddenly “returned” the original Presco. Special National Forest Park. This “bizarre” story also made this boulder in the name of “magic stone”.

CNN report screenshot

The Preskat National Forest Park, which was found to be “returning”, said that a staff member was patrolling in the region where the boulder was located, and found that it suddenly appeared after almost a month after disappearance.

To this end, the Preskat National Forest Park, which belongs to the stone, also knows this good news on its Facebook page on the 1st local time, “Magic Stone appeared magically again!” ↓

What kind of stone is this? CNN quoted the park staff saying that the black stone was mixed with white quartz stripes. Such patterns have special significance for local geological enthusiasts.

It is reported that because this stone is as heavy as a car, it is very strenuous to move it. The Canadian CTV TV network quoted the staff of the park and said that moving this boulder even needed heavy equipment. As a result, its disappearance caused the park administrators to be confused, and it also caused many netizens to speculate.

Some people said, “This (the phenomenon of the disappearance of the stone) stems from a guest performance from Hogwarts (the magic school in Harry Potter” novels. “


Some people think, “Someone has questioned David Copipfel (well -known American magician)?”

However, CNN reported that because there are regulations first -mining minerals from national forest parks without permission are illegal acts, CNN speculates that this allows it to face a fine of 5,000 US dollars or 6 months of imprisonment ( Or both) The “stolen stone” punishment will return it.

In any case, now people who travel can see the style of this “magic stone”. It is reported that the staff said that they are considering moving the stone to a more conspicuous place so that more tourists can appreciate it.

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