alert! There is a hidden danger of “Xiuwa” in the circle of friends: Mom’s 8 -year -old daughter’s daily photos are made as high imitation and fun dolls.

alert! There is a hidden danger of “Xiuwa” in the circle of friends: Mom’s 8 -year -old daughter’s daily photos are made as high imitation and fun dolls.

What is your state after giving birth?

Most mothers should be the same as the picture below!

The circle of friends and Weibo has become the growth record of babies, and even many people’s avatars have become their own baby.


There is a unique word on the Internet to describe the adults who love the baby -dry baby to become a habit. There is no way, who makes these little cubs so cute ~

However, a mother in Florida, USA recently, has encountered a disgusting, dark enough to make her doubt about life …

The mother is called Terri, and she has an 8 -year -old daughter KAT. Kat has grown cute and outstanding since he was a child, and has also been a child model.


Because KAT suffers from CVID (children’s ordinary mutant immune defects), in order to enrich the life of her daughter, Terri not only took her daughter to participate in the children’s beauty contest, they also joined the local community organization and would regularly share about the community Facebook group on the group of the community. The latest situation of her daughter’s condition, participating in community projects and model work, including many photos.

In 2019, Terri took a photo of a daughter sitting on the sofa with a plush toy leg on the sofa on Facebook.

As a result, in August this year, Terri suddenly received a notice from a friend, “I saw a sexy doll that grew the same as your daughter on Amazon Auction Network, each sold at $ 559.” Terri immediately confirmed the Internet, and it really was called in a name named. In the “Men’s High -quality Live Doll” product, he found the “imitation daughter”.

Terri was very shocked and angry. “The socks in this photo are the same as my daughter wearing, and the posture sitting on the sofa is the same. Plush toys! “

In the commodity comment area, some people have left some unbearable comments.


Terri said that the moment she saw this page, she was so popular that she was out of control: “I can’t imagine that there will be a photo of my daughter, imitating this terrible thing, and use it for female childhood.”

Mom Terri was interviewed by the NBC and demanded hidden appearance.


Then the mother reported the product, and the shopping platform took off the product after receiving a complaint, but there were still related products on other platforms. Relevant local departments issued a document to publicly criticize the incident and said that this adult often promotes the desire of criminals for children.

Netizens have also voiced, and many people think that this low -age image adult doll should not be allowed to sell at all: Some netizens said that before sending photos of children on social media this year, they must also keep their eyes!

Seeing such news, as parents, we can’t help but feel tight.

Many mothers have used to be a net madness. From the birth of the child to the growth, he hopes to record each of his growth and every moment.

But we were so happy, but I do n’t know if some people were in the same purpose when we looked at our circle of friends, and they were panicked.

We really leaked too much information about children in virtual? Give illegal elements?

Anna (pseudonym), the daughter of a lady in Jinan, a lady in Jinan, is a beautiful mixed -race girl. Before the age of 8, she was a child model and bought a lot of clothing.


Zhang Qian registered her idle fish account to sell her daughter’s idle clothes. She also put her daughter’s life photos of these clothes as a display, but she did not expect to cause a nightmare.

According to Red Star News, in July last year, threatening words such as “buy a rope and tie your daughter” and “broken corpse” appeared on Zhang Qian’s private fish private message chat page, and even a photo. Kiss on Anna’s photo …

The user even threatened to “have the opportunity to rape your daughter” …

Zhang Qian immediately complained to his idle fish and called the local police in Jinan. It was found that the harassment person had registered at least 3 idle fish accounts and continued to replace the account to send a perverted harassment information to Zhang Qian.


Zhang Qian said that her idle fish account also received some other abnormal messages or private messages. “For example, some people let me take a video of my daughter wearing shoes to them; or ask me directly, selling the underwear that my daughter passed …”

Fortunately, Huang, who threatened Zhang Qian’s death, was quickly found and detained by the Shenzhen police. But what makes Zhang Qian still rest assured that when she sends out her daughter’s clothes, she will fill in her family address and other information. Once she is used by more people who are unwilling, the consequences are unimaginable.

The movie star Lu Yi also took a picture of picking up her daughter after school, but there was a sharp -eyed netizen who quickly judged that Belle was studying in an international school through this photo.

Such a seemingly ordinary and not exposed photos that seem to be unusual and have not even exposed may become one of the clues for criminals to speculate on children’s privacy information.

The Internet is becoming more and more developed. The hidden dangers of children’s safety risks caused by the circle of friends are endless ——

In 2014, a netizen often took photos of children in the circle of friends, and then printed by the traffickers.


In 2015, Ms. Wang of Fujian took a photo of her daughter in the circle of friends, and then used by scammers to deceive Ms. He 5,000 yuan;

In 2018, Ms. Wang of Inner Mongolia often took photos of her daughter singing and dancing in her circle of friends to show her talents. As a result, she was used by scammers and almost abducted by traffickers.


Mr. Lu Xun once said, “I have always guess the Chinese with the worst maliciousness.” Indeed, we are unwilling to guess that there are poor people in online social accounts such as our friends circle, Douyin, Weibo, etc., but the evil of the human heart is really beyond imagination.

According to the data released by the National Cyber ​​Security Propaganda Week in 2019, the circle of friends has actually become a “severe disaster -stricken area” for sensitive information.

Think about it very well …

When Ms. He lived in Nanjing, when she was doing maintenance for her car, the auto repair master told her that her car chassis was installed with something.

Take it down and see, it is a GPS positioner.


This kind of thing can be bought in two or three hundred yuan on the Internet. The buyer only needs to insert the tracker with a mobile SIM card, and then put the tracker in the car.

After Ms. He called the police, the police handled the positioner technically. According to the information above, four suspects were quickly arrested.


One of them, Ms. He recognized it all at once. It was her elementary school classmate Hu, but the two had never contacted it, but had their own WeChat.

Why do primary school classmates install a locator on Ms. He’s car?

According to criminal suspects, Ms. He often exposes luxury homes, luxury cars, and brand -name bags in the circle of friends, and she also showed a school for children to go to school.

As a result, Hu Mou, who owed a butt debt, gave birth to the idea of ​​abduction and extortion, and also found three associates to follow Ms. He. Hu Mou and his companions started from the place where Ms. He took the place to school and began to follow up.

At the beginning of people, sex is good, but who dares to guarantee that everyone they meet is kind? Danating the baby without restraint satisfies the “vanity” of adults, but sometimes pushes the children to a dangerous place …

The beauty of the same mother, expressed a full understanding of the baby’s sunbathing. Danating and sharing happiness are positive energy and conveying happiness.

But when the sun is sunny, parents should never expose the personal information of too many children, otherwise it will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Here, I will share a few more practical health baby Tips for everyone. When sunbathing, it is best to pay attention to the following points:

Healthy Doll Tips


Turn off the GPS function when taking pictures. Do not pass the original picture when sharing the picture. Do not display the address when sending content and pictures. (Any photo taken by any smartphone contains a thing called an EXIF ​​parameter, which contains location information. And this positioning information cannot be removed by various map repair software. The only way is to turn off the GPS function when taking pictures.)

Do not take the child’s birthday. After obtaining the birthday information of the incompetent people, they will try it as a cracked dictionary library, and even use this key information to steal your information and open the account in your name to open the account in your name Essence

Set up the passage of friends and turn off to allow strangers to view ten photo functions.

Don’t take your child’s full name, family address, school information.


When you take your children or share your daily life, it is best to set up a group and share it with your family and friends.


Do not take photos and embarrassing photos such as bathing and going to the toilet.

Finally, fully respect the child’s wishes. If the child does not like to expose, don’t force it.

We love children, we must learn to protect children.


Be cautious, don’t because of great care

As a result, the child’s important information was leaked and harmed.


Parents have never needed the recognition of others.

That “Dad/Mom” is the greatest recognition of us.


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Edit: Chen Dazhan

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